Christmas: Health tips that will help you take care of your body during the holiday season

If Christmas rhymes with family time for some, it also rhymes with excess. Discover these wellness remedies that will help you through the holiday season!

Christmas health well-being tips tricks festive season
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Christmas health well-being tips tricks festive season

If you're not sure whether Santa Claus will be bringing you presents this year, one thing's for sure: you'll be gladly refuelling on oysters, turkey and all the other merrymaking that goes with Christmas Eve dinner. But if you're not properly prepared, you could end up paying dearly for the consequences of these excesses. Which would be a shame, with New Year's Eve fast approaching. Fortunately, a few wellness remedies will help you get through the festive period with peace of mind.

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According to popular culture, it's the most wonderful time of the year. For some, it is also a difficult time, and that's okay. And while studies point to the stress that the holidays can bring, for most of us, it's still a time to look forward to. It's a time that culminates in good food. It's said that, on average, we put on 1kg around Christmas and New Year.

Rich, hearty recipes galore, drinks flowing freely, it's hard to resist temptation. But to ensure that these celebratory moments don't turn into a nightmare, there are a few tricks you can try beforehand to limit the damage. Others, on the contrary, will mitigate the damage when it's done. First tip: choose your outfit. Too tight and you'll feel engulfed from the very first bite.

To prepare your body as well as possible before the festivities begin, we recommend swallowing a glass of lukewarm water. If you're an alcohol lover and have no intention of drinking in moderation, remember to hydrate regularly. The rule of two glasses of water for one glass of alcohol seems to be the most appropriate; and in any case, avoid consuming more than two different alcohols over the course of the evening.

What's next?

You've eaten well, you've drunk well, and now the skin on your stomach is tight? Don't panic, to treat heartburn, consume apple vinegar or aloe vera. Their alkaline pH will relieve the unpleasant sensation in your stomach. Avoid fruit juices at all costs, however. They're too acidic.

For the famous hangover, one of the rules is to rehydrate. So don't hesitate to go overboard with water. You can add salt, or a paracetamol tablet, to make the headache go away. A steam bath with herbs (rosemary, thyme) for the face will cleanse your bronchi and strengthen your immune defences.

In general, force yourself to get out a little. A long walk will boost your circulation and oxygenate you at the same time.

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