How to make your Christmas tree last longer

Just bought a Christmas tree, hoping it'll last the whole month of December? Here are the best tips to make your tree last longer.

How to make your Christmas tree last longer
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How to make your Christmas tree last longer

The holidays are fast approaching and we'll soon be seeing Christmas decorations all over the streets, shops and homes. And there's no Christmas without a Christmas tree, right?

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But it's not always easy to keep your tree in good shape until the end of the year. A lot of times, by the evening of December 24th, our Christmas trees already look like they're ready to tap out. But we've got your back with these tips to keep your tree looking fresh!

1/ Choose your tree wisely

First of all, if you don't want to end up with a tree that loses all its needles, you have to choose it wisely.

When buying your tree, make sure the needles don't fall off when you run your finger through them counterclockwise.

Just to be sure you're making the right choice, it's a good idea to seek advice from garden center vendors who will be able to tell you which varieties are the most solid.

2/ Protect the base

Once you're ready bring your beautiful tree home, start by protecting the base of the trunk with aluminum foil for the ride home. That'll help keep it healthy.

You can later cover the aluminum at the base of the tree with blankets, a basket, etc... And of course, keep your cat away from your tree!

3/ Soak the tree in water

You probably didn't know this, but soaking the trunk of your tree in a bucket of cold water a few hours before setting it up will give it a boost and ensure it lasts as long as possible.

You can leave it in there longer or repeat the process, especially if the tree is set up in a warm, dry room.

4/ Choose the right tree stand

When choosing your tree stand, make sure it can give your tree the support it needs so it doesn't fall down. If you can, opt for one that has screws or a foot pedal. Your pick.

5/ Spray it every day

Last but not least, to keep your tree healthy, spray it with a little water every day. No need to remind you that it's best to unplug your Christmas lights before doing this.

Don't forget that it's a plant, so it needs to be watered and cared for the same way we would treat a bouquet of flowers.

And once Christmas is over, it's time to put the decorations away! To start the year off right, get rid of your tree by repurposing it. You can compost it or drop it off somewhere it'll be picked up for recycling!

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