Check Out These Last Minute Christmas Tree-Shaped Appetisers

A holiday season isn't complete without parties and the parties aren't complete without delicious snacks. Take a look at our photo gallery for Christmas tree-shaped appetisers that will leave everyone in a happy, festive, and full mood.

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Christmas Tree-Shaped Appetisers

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1. Biscuits: Stack your biscuits into the shape of a Christmas tree. It's quite simple - use frosting to glue the pieces together and add candy pieces for decorations. If you want to add more colour then add extra food colour to the frosting and squeeze it onto the tree.

2. Vegetables: You can use various vegetable pieces to make a beautiful Christmas tree. The best one to use would be broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and olives. You'll need to pin these down with toothpicks.

3. Cupcakes: Find a nice plant holder and on a styrofoam cone - stick your cupcakes together using picks or glue. Use a star-shaped piece of cheese for the grand finale - the end result will look amazing!

4. Pancakes: Add green food colour into your pancake mix and start piling them on top of each other until you get your Christmas tree shape. Add butter on top to represent the star.

5. Mixed fruit: If you want a healthy snack then use fruits - try using kiwi for the tree and add mixed berries for the decorations. You can hold the fruit together using toothpicks or a little bit of frosting.

6. Sausages: Use a styrofoam cone and stick mini sausages on there using toothpicks. Add some greens for decoration.

7. Sushi: Pile your sushi pieces into the shape of a tree and garnish it with herbs and sauces.

8. Bread: Make pull-apart bread and shape it into a Christmas - add extra herbs to the mixture for colour.

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