Christmas: The right time to buy your tree revealed by experts

Yes, there is such a thing as the right moment to purchase your Christmas tree. Here's what experts have to advise.

right time to buy Christmas tree
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right time to buy Christmas tree

It's that time of the year again, when not only do questions about the perfect Christmas gift pop to your head, but you also need to plan how to decorate your Christmas tree.

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If you are planning to get a real Christmas tree for your home, you should be aware of this 'clump' that must be removed immediately. Along with this, you should definitely time the purchase of your Xmas tree according to what experts have to advise.

As reported by Country Living, here is all you should know about the right time to buy your Christmas tree this year, and how to take care of it properly.

The right moment to go tree shopping

The main reason you should time your Christmas tree shopping properly is to ensure its longevity, and freshness throughout the holiday month.

As per the experts at Christmas Tree World, the optimum time to buy a Christmas tree is the 3rd of December. There are some very practical reasons for this. As quoted by Country Living, they advise,

As real Christmas trees have an average life span of four to five weeks in the home, putting a real Christmas tree up on the 3rd of December means it will see you through the whole festive month and into January.
If you get a real tree from Christmas, remember to keep it well-hydrated with water Jonathan Borba

A second popular date for bringing your Christmas tree home, is the 1st of December. As they explain,

Many households like to set up their tree and other festive decorations on the first day of the month to mark the start of the official countdown to the big day.

Things to know before buying your tree

As per Country Living, here are some things you should know before getting your Christmas tree:

  • Choose wisely at the store. Purchase the tree that looks the best ie. fresh without broken or dried or tired looking branches.
  • Once you get the tree home, trim around 3cm off the trunk, which enables it to soak water and stay fresh for the month.
  • That being said, remember to keep your tree well-hydrated.
  • Be careful about where you position your tree. Keep it away from burners, fireplaces or radiators, which can dry out the tree very fast.

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