The maximum amount of time you can leave your adult dog home alone revealed

Dogs should not be left alone for extended periods of time due to a whole gamut of reasons. Here's what you should know about it, as per experts.

leaving dog alone at home
leaving dog alone at home

Now that you have a pet, you're probably doing all you need to win your pet's heart. But your duties don't end there.

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Apart from keeping track of common household foods which are toxic to dogs, and keeping away stuff which are dangerous for your pet, you also need to take care of your dog's well-being. This means not leaving them alone for extended periods of time.

As per Newsweek, this is what you should know about how long you can leave your dogs at home.

Leaving your dog alone at home

Jennifer Fryer, a veterinarian at Chewy, tells Newsweek, that there are three things that should be factored in when making a decision on how long to leave your dog alone at home. She explains,

Dog owners should ask how long their dogs can hold their bladders, whether their dog is very energetic and in constant need of activity, and if their dog has separation anxiety or a related fear of being left home alone.

So you should definitely consider your pet's habits. If you leave them alone for long hours without being let out on a bathroom trip, they might end up soiling your home accidentally, or worse, contract a urinary tract infection.


An adult dog can typically wait six to eight hours between outside bathroom trips, and for puppies this time frame can be as short as one to two hours, and the interval gets longer as they grow older
Your dog's age and breed should be factored in when determining how long to leave them alone Erda Estremera

Again, if a dog is energetic or active, not being let out to blow off steam could result in destructive behaviour around the house. For some dogs, long hours of separation can also cause anxiety.

Determining how long your dog can be left alone

If you have a dog with special needs or a senior dog, you should not be leaving them alone at home for too long. Same goes for very young puppies. The safety of your home, as well as the access you provide your pets, to things such as food, water or pee pads also make a huge difference.

Wendy Hauser, founder of Peak Veterinary Consulting tells Newsweek, that dog breeds also affects this question of how long you can leave them alone at home. She says,

In terms of the breed, some working dogs like Belgian Malinois or border collies need jobs to do too. They crave intellectual and physical outlets and when left alone for long periods of time can become destructive. Other dogs, like basset hounds and mastiffs, are, however, usually content to chill and wait for their owners to come home.

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