Tips for leaving your dog home alone

How long is too long for your furry little friend to stay at home without having company? Let’s find out!

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All caring dog owners are at some point in their life guilty of leaving their pup alone. As much as we despise doing that, it is not always possible to let your dog accompany you everywhere. Unfortunately, it is rarely easy, but often necessary to leave them to find for themselves for a few hours.

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There are a lot of aspects that you need to consider before leaving your four-legged baby home alone. For instance, factors like their age, health conditions, socialization, Separation anxiety, exercise, potty breaks and so on play a vital role in deciding the duration for which your doggo can stay alone. Regardless your dog is new or old, these tips will help you ease into the transition of leaving them home alone.

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Think about their entertainment

Most dogs are habitual of having people around them all the time. Thus, adapting to an environment where no one is around could be difficult for them. For keeping their mind stimulated while you’re away, make sure that they are occupied with other things. You could keep the TV or radio on, place interactive toys around the house for them, such as hardy treat puzzle toys or Kong toys.

Tire them out

Make sure you tire your pup out before you leave for the day. Engage in some exercise or activity as simple as playing fetch so that they do not have the energy to wreck the house. A tired doggo is a happy doggo.

Look out for separation anxiety!

Often when dogs are left home alone, they develop separation anxiety. Behaviour like causing destruction, being lethargic, not enjoying any activity like before or any significant change in their behaviour could be a sign of separation anxiety. Watch out for these signs early on to avoid being guilty later.

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Provide early training

The best way to condition your dog to stay at home alone is to start the process early. Try to leave your pup alone for some time, even if you are at home. Consider being in separate rooms for a smaller duration at the start and then gradually increase the time. This would help your dog to transition into the new home alone phase without getting affected much.

Provide adequate food and water

One of the most important things is to make sure that your doggo is fed well even if you are away. Use food dispensing toys rather than regular bowls so that they enjoy their meals while staying occupied for long hours. The same goes for water–always ensure there’s enough water in your pup’s bowl.

After seeing this video, she vowed never to leave her dog home alone again After seeing this video, she vowed never to leave her dog home alone again