How Petting Your Dog Can Strengthen Your Bond

You love your furry friend and you want to let them know, right? Here are three simple gestures that you can do to show them how much you care!

Dog Friendship
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Dog Friendship

To feel good, dogs need to know that they are loved and that they have become a real part of your home. A dog that feels loved is a happy, obedient dog who keeps out of trouble (most of the time). So, there is every reason in the world to show them how much we love them. But how can we show them?

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When you stroke a dog’s belly, they feel valued. This strengthens the relationship you have between you and your pet and makes them feel important. You should stroke their belly or the area just below.


You have to be careful when you stroke a dog’s head. If you press too hard, the dog can interpret this ‘stroke’ as a sign of domination. Therefore, avoid the top of their head, but you can carefully stroke their cheeks or chin. Your dog will feel relaxed and peaceful.

If you suddenly and abruptly go to stroke someone else’s (or even your own) dog, this can scare them and make them bite you. It would therefore be better to approach them slowly and let them sniff your hands before you touch them.


Often, when you pat dogs, big dogs in particular, you shouldn’t be too rough with them, so your dog doesn’t feel dominated and react badly.

However, if you delicately pat their sides or their belly, your dog will feel complacent and protected.

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