An Unexpected Saviour Comes to the Rescue of Dog Who Can’t Swim (VIDEO)

After two dogs managed to get near the swimming pool of their house, it nearly ended catastrophically.

Dog Pool
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Dog Pool

When one pup by the name of Smokey got into a difficult situation while paddling, he struggled to keep his head above the water. With his owner was inside the house, unaware of what was going on, this accident could have made a turn for the worse if someone didn't step in...

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According to owner Laurie Sorsen Becerra, who posted the video on Facebook, the two “rambunctious” dogs are used to playing around in the pool without any problems.

After reviewing the CCTV footage, Laurie goes on to explain how the two dogs must have gotten into the pool area through a hole in their fence.

After getting stuck paddling in the pool, Smokey couldn’t manage to pull himself up and out. Whilst his owner was inside, it was down to Smokey’s four-legged friend, Remus to step in.

After frantically running around not knowing how to respond, Remus finally mustered up the courage and jumped in to save his friend.

We already know dogs will go to incredible lengths to help their human counterparts, thankfully they look out for each other as well!

Take a look at the video above to see the extraordinary footage for yourself!

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