These dogs adopted a baby cow, and now he seems to think he’s a dog too (VIDEO)

Two dogs have taken in a mini bull rejected by his own kind in this Disney plot-worthy story of an unlikely friendship.

These dogs adopted a mini bull, and now he seems to think he’s a dog too
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These dogs adopted a mini bull, and now he seems to think he’s a dog too

Haru, a young bull who’d been rejected by his herd due to his small size, couldn't be happier when two puppies Ashla and Bogani offered him forever friendship.

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An unusual pet

Massachusetts-based couple Amber and Anthony already had multiple dogs, including young pups Ashla and Bogani, when they decided to add another animal to their family. Having always liked cows, they started looking around for this unusual pet instead.

Amber, who is a dog trainer, said:

Mini cows are hard to come by and can be quite expensive. But we looked on Craigslist as a bit of a joke and were surprised to find one.

Suspicious at first and unsure whether they’d be scammed, they were thrilled when they arrived at the seller’s property and saw a ‘miniature Ferdinand’, measuring not more than 38 inches tall. Haru’s owners said that they were looking to sell him because he couldn’t be with their herd, and he was too much effort to keep on his own.

A special bond

A few weeks later, after Amber and Anthony had built a new barn for two-year-old Haru, the old owners dropped him off. The bull wasn’t used to much socialising and kept to himself for the first few days. Then, with the help of a few treats, he started coming out of his shell. And to his surprise, once he made an acquaintance with the dogs, they embraced him wholeheartedly making him feel like one of their own.

According to the owners, they ‘absolutely loved Haru from the first moment they saw him’.

Amber said:

They ran right up to him and gave him a ton of kisses all over his face, jumping up and loving all over him.

Having friends was a new feeling for Haru, but he accepted the pooches’ affection bowing his head low for their kisses, and never looked back since. Living with a pack of friendly dogs means he’ll never be lonely again.

'He thinks he’s a dog himself'

A year into getting him forever home, the couple describe Haru as very affectionate and intelligent and say he adores both people and dogs, even seeming to think he’s a dog himself.

The bull’s owners said:

He acts just like them, he hangs out with all of us when we are outside, he sniffs the dogs and grazes with them and he always wants to be involved when we are training.

Haru can often be found sunbathing with the dogs, while they often join his grazing routines. Together they share ‘the zoomies’. The young bull especially enjoys playing with puppies and ‘is extra gentle around them’.

Amber and Anthony are keen to stress that such special friendships come from a combination of luck, training, and good temperaments.

They warn:

Please don’t trust your dog with any random cow, as they aren’t always as gentle.

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