Rescue’s heartache as no one wants to adopt this heartbroken cat (VIDEO)

RSPCA issued a rehoming plea for this unique rescue cat with ‘incredible eyes’ who hasn't had ‘one single offer' of a home. The feline is left broken-hearted as she watches other pets being picked up by their new owners but never her.

Rescue’s heartache as no one wants to adopt this one-of-a-kind cat
Rescue’s heartache as no one wants to adopt this one-of-a-kind cat

This gorgeous tuxedo kitty might have been through a lot, but it only added to her intelligence and resilience. RSPCA East Londonis looking for a special home for this unique rescue cat with striking eyes and describes their heartbreak as she is left waiting for months without a single adoption application.

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Meet Habanero, the sweetest cat

Little Habanero came to the RSPCA as a stray, and despite everything she has been through, she opened up and showed her heartwarming nature. A gorgeous 3-year-old tuxedo cat, she can be sassy and feisty, but never misses to show affection.

The ‘sweet’ fluffball loves cuddles and often nuzzles her head into her carers in the most adorable way. The cat care team at the centre are head over heels with her after spending several months gaining her trust and getting to know her.

This Domestic Shorthair crossbreed kitty doesn’t only have a fashionable tuxedo look, she also has incredibly striking eyes that seem to look straight into your soul.

In need of a loving forever home

Sadly, affectionate and friendly Habanero hasn’t received a single application expressing an interest in rehoming her. She has been waiting patiently in her pen for almost four months. She is left feeling unwanted as she sees other pets getting their forever homes.

Natalie Chopra, from RSPCA East London, said:

It’s such a shame that Habanero has been overlooked by potential adopters. We have waved off a number of other rescue cats to their forever homes, but still, this poor girl sits in her cat pod, watching and waiting.

Natalie said that Habanero melted their hearts when she was given fresh chicken for the first time recently. The look on her face was to die for. The kitty’s cute demeanour should have the same effect on any potential owner.

The best home for Habanero

RSPCA are confident this furry angel will make a fantastic housemate for someone who is looking for a ‘sassy and spicy feline with a super soft side' to have around their home.

As Habanero had a rough start, she needs an especially caring and loving adult-only home with an outdoor space where she could feel understood and heal from her past traumas.

Habanero is litter-trained, microchipped, neutered and vaccinated.

Natalie added:

We know the right home for her is out there somewhere, so we really would love to hear from adults with a comfy, calm and quiet home who are looking for a lovely companion cat.

To give Habanero a loving home, you can fill out an adoption form here.

Head to RSPCA's website to learn more about the charity and support their vital animal welfare and rescue work.

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