This puppy was heartlessly abandoned by her owners and found in 'immense pain' (VIDEO)

This dog was abandoned by its owners and found wandering the streets in ‘immense pain’.

This abandoned pup who was found ‘in immense pain’ and named after a ‘warrior princess’ is happy in her forever home (VIDEO)
© Photo by Justin Veenema on Unsplash
This abandoned pup who was found ‘in immense pain’ and named after a ‘warrior princess’ is happy in her forever home (VIDEO)

This abandonedpup was found suffering a very painful and dangerous skin condition. The rescue team called her Xena after a warrior princess as they knew she needed to be strong to overcome it. To their relief, she is now ‘living her best life’ in her new loving home.

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Found in immense pain

This 6-months-old puppy was heartlessly abandoned by her previous owner and found wandering the streets alone. It is not clear why her human had deprived her of the home and care she deserved, but it was likely due to the skin conditions she was suffering.

The Bristol Animal Rescue who took her in, saw that she was in ‘immense pain’.

Jodie Hayward, the charity’s manager, said it was 'obvious' how bad the dog felt as she was frequently itching and licking herself - 'she just couldn't get any relief'.

Named after a warrior princess

The poor animal was suffering from Demodex mange, the most common form of the condition in dogs. It occurs primarily in animals less than 18 months old. Adult dogs that have the disease usually have weakened immune systems and are susceptible to secondary infections, BBC News writes. This can be extremely dangerous if not treated properly.

But the lucky pup got all the much-needed medical attention at the rescue and managed to overcome the symptoms. She also got a new name - Xena, after the famous evil-fighting warrior princess. This was only natural as her carers had seen how resilient this pup was.

Jodie Hayward said:

We named her Xena because we knew she'd be strong.

She is living her best life

Xena was able to recover from the horrible condition thanks to the best care she could get in Bristol Animal Rescue. Her good nature shined through in a healthier body, and she was offered a loving forever home. She enjoys an outdoor lifestyle and plenty of fresh air with her adoptive family on a glamping site in Chew Valley, England.

According to the staff, warrior pup Xena is now 'living her best life', and they 'couldn't be happier for her'.

Bristol Animal Rescue has existed as a charity since 1887 and helps more than 7,000 vulnerable animals like Xena each year. You can find out more about what they do, support their work, or adopt a rescue pet on their website.

Xena was just six months old when she was brought to us as a stray. She had a serious skin condition, which caused her to lose her fur and have very itchy, inflamed skin and sore pustules all over. Xena was given regular medicated baths to soothe her skin condition, and the team worked with her on socialisation skills to get her ready for rehoming. She has since been happily rehomed with a local family. It's thanks to your support that we are able to keep helping dogs like Xena. Please support our Urgent Animal Care Unit appeal and give what you can today, so that we can keep giving animals like Xena a second chance at a happy life. Donate:

Posted by Bristol Animal Rescue Centre on Monday, August 15, 2022

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