‘Screaming in agony’ dog was heartlessly abandoned in a bush

A dog was dumped to suffer in pain in what the RSPCA called the ‘worst condition’ the charity had ever seen. The pooch had a tumour and torn face and couldn't get on his paws anymore.

‘Screaming in agony’ dog was heartlessly abandoned in a bush
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‘Screaming in agony’ dog was heartlessly abandoned in a bush

RSPCA inspectors were left heartbroken upon coming across a dog that was dumped by its owner to die in pain and alone.

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Found in a bush, the pooch was so poorly, he was ‘screaming in agony’.

The charity launched a manhunt in a bid to find the cruel pet parent who could leave their dog in such an ‘atrocious state’.

Abandoned to die a painful death

The German Shepherd dog, likely abandoned on Sunday morning, was ‘in an atrocious state’ when he was found placed on a pink blanket under a bush beside Park Lane, close to Handsworth Cemetery in Birmingham, England.

According to RSPCA rescue officer Cara Gibbon, the pooch ‘was making such pitiful whimpering noises’ and ‘screaming in pain’.

She said:

He was unable to stand so we know he’d been deliberately abandoned. We see animals who suffered horrendous cruelty and neglect every single day but this poor dog was in the worst condition I have ever seen.

RSPCA APPEAL | Handsworth, Birmingham B21: severely neglected German Shepherd put to sleep after being found abandoned...

Posted by UK Animal Cruelty Files - UKACF on Saturday, March 11, 2023

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The pooch was suffering from a large testicular tumour. His skin was torn from the underlying tissue due to the injury to his jaw, resulting in him being unable to close his mouth.

The RSPCA is appealing for information

Following the discovery of the poor pup, the RSPCAis appealing to anyone who has information about the dog’s owners to contact them online or through their hotline.

The chilling case of animal cruelty comes after the press reported in January that both Dogs Trust and Cats Protection were extremely overwhelmed, as RSPCA officers dealt with 25% more abandonments year on year.

Last November, campaigner Dominic Dyer urged ministers to set up a ‘cost of living pet crisis fund’, while the RSPCA and Blue Cross have both set up pet food banks for owners and animals in need, warning that demand for help is at record levels.

Tragically, the German Shepherd had to be put to sleep as his injuries were too grave.

Gibbon said:

Sadly because of the severity of the condition he was found in, he had to be put to sleep by a vet to end his suffering. I was heartbroken to see someone had allowed a dog to suffer in this state and simply dumped him this way when he was most in need of help and care.

According to her, the avoidable death was ‘the result of prolonged neglect over a long period of time’. The animal welfare organisation is keen to find the culprit.

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Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’ Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’