A family dog was dumped at Burger King with this heartbreaking note

This dog was brought to Burger King and abandoned there with a heartbreaking note from the owner. But while people were understandably outraged, the pet’s parent showed up and claimed their ‘extremely well taken care of’ pooch.

A family dog was dumped at Burger King with this heartbreaking note
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A family dog was dumped at Burger King with this heartbreaking note

King was picked up by Monee police after he was abandoned outside a Burger King with a heartbreaking note.

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The force and the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS) were ready to act on rehoming the pup but suddenly his owner showed up.

As it turned out, King’s story was sadder and more complicated than his rescuers thought.

What did the note say?

Despite looking like an extremely well-taken-care-of family dog, King ended up dumped outside Burger King in suburban Chicago, US. People who spotted and rescued him found a heartbreaking note attached to the pup.

It read:

Hi, I'm King, I'm a good Boy, Love to Hug & Kiss.

The abandonment caused outrage among people as they couldn’t believe the cruelty.

But the situation turned out to be more complicated than they thought.

UPDATE**UPDATE** Since this story has gained so much traction we wanted to post an update. We know that some of you may...

Posted by Village of Monee Police Department on Monday, February 27, 2023

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Heartbroken owner

Monee Police and the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS) rescued the pooch, with the charity taking him into their care. They were ready to act on his rehoming. But then the most extraordinary thing happened.

King’s owner turned up.

The woman came to the shelter to explain what happened. After suffering a major medical event, she moved in with her family and had been trying to get back on her feet. Her family member abandoned King without her knowledge which left her devastated.

The charity wrote on Facebook:

She brought all of his food, toys, and treats, and we had a tearful conversation together. She wants to try and find a new place to live to keep her extremely well-taken-care-of dog that she deeply loves.

What’s next for King?

According to the police and SSHS, this case illustrated just how much people struggle to take care of their pets. They are trying to help the owner out, so they can be reunited.

The shelter’s ‘amazing staff members’ agreed to foster King at their house for a month to give his 'parent' time to find a new home where the pooch could join them.

All involved hope that there will be a happy ending for both of them.

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Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’ Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’