This abandoned dog with a quirky ‘smile’ melted hearts online

Bubbles got lost and wandered into a stranger’s yard in search of her owners. But it turned out, they didn’t want their loyal pet back. And the most unexpected thing happened.

This abandoned unwanted dog with a quirky ‘smile’ melted hearts online
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This abandoned unwanted dog with a quirky ‘smile’ melted hearts online

Bubbles is a quirky-looking dog with a unique smile. Sadly, she lost her home unexpectedly, with her owners simply not wanting her back. But thanks to a kindhearted stranger, this sweet pooch found her happily ever after.

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The owner didn’t want their pet anymore

Bubbles wandered into the yard of TikTok user @RoboKittenz as a stray dog. She was lost and in search of her owner.

The pooch looked quirky but sweet, and RoboKittenzwas sure her humans were worried sick. So the kindhearted stranger posted an ad on Facebookin a bid to find Bubbles’s home.

To their devastation, the pet’s owner contacted RoboKittenz just to say that they didn't want Bubbles anymore.

A loving home, unexpectedly

Heartbroken for the adorable animal, RoboKittenzdecided to give her the home she deserves.

The TikTok user posted the story of the unwanted pooch on social media and got an outpouring of support from people across the world.

She wrote about Bubbles’ happy ending:

And after years of not getting the love you deserve, you suddenly have a new family and thousands of internet fans.

Bubbles had a great 2022. Thanks to all her fans! #bubblesthedog#KAYKissCountdown#2022glowup#dogsoftiktok#straydoglove

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‘Why are people such jerks?’

TikTok users got seriously upset about Bubbles’ irresponsible owners. But they also admired RoboKittenz’s heart-melting response to the pup’s abandonment.

One person commented:

I was so happy you kept her. She knew what she was doing when she chose your family.

Another person wrote:

I will never ever ever understand how people disregard animals. She has found a beautiful family.

A third one commented:

Why are people such jerks?!?! Thanks for restoring my faith in people! That dog is freaking divine.

There are many reasons people can no longer provide a home for a pet, but you should always contact your local animal shelter for help in rehoming your animal. Don't just let it wander off until it finds its own family for itself. That's just another form of animal abuse and your dog or cat could get hit by a car or attacked by a predator or succumb to the elements. This story has a happy ending but there are far more other ones that don't.

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Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’ Heartbreak over an abandoned dog that was once a ‘much-loved pet’