An abandoned dog who suffered ‘untold abuse’ became a doggy 'beer' boss

Abandoned Spanish mastiff Ethan was '30 minutes from death when he was found in a car park. Nursed back to health, this inspiring dog found a forever home and became a doggy 'beer' boss.

An abandoned dog who suffered ‘untold abuse’ and was found 'actively dying' became a well-paid doggy 'beer' boss
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An abandoned dog who suffered ‘untold abuse’ and was found 'actively dying' became a well-paid doggy 'beer' boss

Wales Online tells an incredible story of Spanish mastiff Ethan who was found abandoned in a car park. He was 'unable to walk, lift his head, eat or drink after suffering untold cruelty'. 16 months later, he is thriving as a chief tasting officer for a doggy 'beer' company.

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Unable to stand or walk, the dog was 'just 30 minutes from death'

Jeff Callaway, Kentucky Humane Society facilities manager and a father of three, was in his office on a cold January day, when someone spotted an abandoned dog in the parking lot and reported it to the charity. It had snowed and was minus four degrees Celcius. One of the employees rushed to pick the pet up and took him to the vet. The dog was in such a bad state, that Jeff assumed it was dead.

Skeletally thin, the pet began having seizures. Unable to stand or walk, it was weak and covered in pressure sores, indicating it had been kept in a small space, prevented from moving freely. The vets said the 'actively dying' animal was the thinnest dog they’d ever seen alive, and it was probably 'just 30 minutes from death'.

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He had some fight in him

The dog was 8 months old and was named Ethan and didn’t give up. The vets managed to stabilise him over the next five days, and he was then returned to the Kentucky Humane Society.

After meeting him for the second time Jeff said:

Ethan still couldn’t walk at that point. When I saw him I had an immediate connection with him.

He still didn’t think the dog was going to live but wanted to do anything in his power to help him survive. Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes when he returned to the centre the next day. Ethan was up and walking and gave Jeff a 'big wet kiss'.

The road to recovery

Jeff volunteered to work nights for the next two weeks to care for the pet. According to him, the dog came from ‘such a background of abuse and neglect’ that he’d probably never been mentally stimulated. So, he played games with the pooch.

The whole team worked hard to heal Ethan’s body but also his mind. The shelter vet Dr Emily Bewley was even given an award for veterinarian of the year in Kentucky for her care of Ethan!

Ethan finds a forever home

Though Jeff already had five dogs, all of them rescued, he and his family made room for Ethan. Jeff spent three weeks building an extra room in his house. It had an elevated dog bed and ‘pictures, paintings and plaques' dedicated to the pooch.

Jeff said that once the pet was in a warm home environment, he 'flipped and felt like a dog again'. The animal was seen running and barking happily for the first time.

As days went by, Ethan gained weight and grew in confidence. He is now a happy two-year-old and goes to work with Jeff every day, visiting living facilities to help people recover using animal therapy.

Photo by Reba Spike on Unsplash

'Ethan’s story has given people hope'

The Spanish mastiff’s story was deemed so inspiring that he was chosen from hundreds of other canine candidates when Jeff put him forward as a chief tasting officer for a doggy 'beer' company that creates drinks for pooches. The lucky pet is paid a staggering £16K / $20K a year for the job, gets free pet insurance and is given free beers.

Ethan is also in the running for an American Humane Association Hero Award. He is currently a semi-finalist in the shelter category.

Jeff said:

It’s amazing how Ethan’s story has given people hope. He is an amazing dog

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