Here's why your cat brings you dead animals

Is your cat being nice and sharing its hard-earned trophy with you, or is it being mean and trying to gross you out? There is no way to find out unless you learn why your pet feline actually brings you dead (and sometimes half-live) animals.

Not enjoying dead animals your cat brings you? Find out why they do it and how to make it stop
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Not enjoying dead animals your cat brings you? Find out why they do it and how to make it stop

We all love gifts, but some gifts .. less than others. The kind your cat brings can be quite hard to appreciate if you don’t enjoy dead animals. But while a mouse with a bitten-off leg on your spotless carpet may seem shocking to you, it’s a totally natural move for your cat.

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Let’s find out why exactly your pet spoils you with its rather peculiar gifts, and most importantly, how to stop it from such generosity without hurting feline feelings.

Why on earth? This is why your cat brings you dead animals

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You may be charmed by your cat’s cute eyes but keep in mind that deep inside your adorable fluffball is an expert hunter and a cold-blooded killer. It is designed by nature to pursue and gobble up prey, which can be anything from a mosquito to a rat.

Despite having been domesticated a while ago, cats still have the desire to chase, hunt, and catch in their DNADaily Paws writes.

And as your home is your cat’s safe space, this is where they take the ‘meal’ they have caught, to hide, savour, or even share. It’s not their fault the delicious morsels are not to your liking.

Make it stop! Who to do when your cats bring you dead animals

Not enjoying your kitty’s generous offerings? Sadly for you, it’s hard for cats to fight their genetic predispositions. They will probably carry on doing their deadly business when allowed outdoors.

Keeping your cat indoors, confined to a safe catio that can be built in your backyard, or always on a leash when it ventures out are the most effective ways to prevent more murder victims on your porch. This also minimises the likelihood of them catching diseases like toxoplasmosis or rabies.

The best strategy to avoid gross deliveries, with the cat staying in or going out, is to provide them with enough stimulation indoors. Who knows, they might find in-house play more appealing. These mice don’t have to be real.

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You can encourage your feline to chase, jump, grab, bite, and pounce with interactive toys. Cat grass for munching can be a nice alternative to outdoor plants. Furry enigmas adore boxes, so you can even create puzzles and mazes with them by cutting holes throughout and hiding treats. A cat tree is a must-have for your pet’s climbing activities.

It is more than doable to keep your cat entertained indoors. Tire them up with loads of games and wave goodbye to unwanted gifts.

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