Does your cat like watching you shower or in the bath? Here's why

Cats don’t like to shower or have a bath but they seem to quite enjoy watching you do it. Why?

Does your cat like watching you shower? Find out why
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Does your cat like watching you shower? Find out why

Bathrooms seem to fascinate cats, and more so when you are there. If you wonder why your fluffy doesn’t mind keeping you company while you’re splashing with the ducks, these are the surprising reasons behind it.

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Your cat is intrigued by water

Despite the widespread misconception that cats hate water, your kitty actually quite likes it and is intrigued by it. While they are not ready to go for a dive themselves, they can watch running water for hours. They may be fascinated with the sound and appearance of it flowing out of the tap, the ripples, or the bubbles.

Some cats like to sit on the edge of the tub and play with the water below. They may swat at it or even try to get a drink. Your cat’s personality will largely determine how active it watches and participates in bath time.

Your cat may be thirsty

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Sometimes cats seek alternative places to drink if their water is too close to their food, so they follow you out of thirst.

If you place your pet’s water dish in its own location in the house, instead of right next to the food, they may feel happier drinking from it. Follow these tips to keep your kitty hydrated.

Your cat joins you because they care

As independent as cats may be, they still desire love and affection from their humans and may sit and stare at you in the bath simply because they care for you.

If you’re relaxing in a bathtub, having your four-legged therapist in a silky coat watch your every move feels like an upgrade, doesn’t it?

Your kitty is craving attention

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There can’t be a better way to get noticed than to disturb your me-time with their presence, and intuitive cats know it.

The little attention seeker may be after a treat, some pets, or a bit of chit-chat, and they don’t realize that your hands are wet and that you don’t keep Dreamies near your bath salts.

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