Does your cat keep climbing on the table? Here is why

Why is your cat climbing on the dinner table and kitchen counters even when there’s no food there? As always with cats, there is a cryptic message behind. Let’s find out.

Here is what your cat tries to tell by climbing on the table
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Here is what your cat tries to tell by climbing on the table

As much as you like spoiling your feline rotten, boundaries are healthy. It can be unsanitary to allow your cat to roam across your table and counters. Besides, cat hairs in your food don't add any flavour. As many furry enigmas still engage in the ‘table-surfing’ behaviour even when there’s no food there, and after they’ve been told off, there might be a cat-style cryptic message behind these sabotaging actions.

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What is your cat trying to communicate by storming these off-limits surfaces?

I am still hungry - feed me

Your catknows very well what the table and counters are used for, as they often spotted food there. What can be a better way to announce your own hunger than shaking off a few hairs on a human ‘feeding’ place?

Plain attention seeking

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Most cats have already figured out that tables are off-limits to them, and that is exactly why they climb on them. They’ll get your attention and quickly turn your displeasure into a quality petting time as you won't be able to resist their charms. A very cat plan.

Get me a cat tree at once!

Cats love jumping and climbing, it’s in their DNA. Their bodies are designed to do it every day. It’s like a gym for humans. Your felines might climb on the tables and counters in your house simply because there is nothing else to climb on, and they crave a challenge, according to Paw Tracks.Cat trees are an affordable and efficient tool to get your cat entertained, and a must-have for every cat owner. As most of them are higher than tables, your furry diva is likely to storm them instead.

I am a scaredy cat and hiding

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In a cat’s world, climbing keeps them safe from predators, Pet MD writes. Cats feel secure when they’re perched up high in a location with a good view of their surroundings. You may think your furry baby is being naughty, but in their mind, they're simply retreating to a place of safety. Loud noise or another pet in the house can be a trigger for table-surfing. The problem can be aided when you understand what stresses your cat.

Only fresh water, please

One of the most common reasons behind cats invading the kitchen surfaces is that they try to reach the tap.Moving water captivates cats, and it tastes good too. You can try to change your cat’s water more frequently. But getting a pet water fountain is the best way to make your felines less interested in the tables. It will not only keep them hydrated but will keep them busy too.

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