Does your cat like sleeping on your face? Here's the reason why

Your cat sleeping on your face and head can be flattering but also pretty uncomfortable for you. Here is why your pet suddenly decided that you’re their pillow.

Does your cat like sleeping on your head and face? Here is why
© Photo by Adam Kuylenstierna on Unsplash
Does your cat like sleeping on your head and face? Here is why

Do you have a cat who likes to nap on your head and ruin your hairstyle? Does your feline take extra pleasure in snoozing on your face, preventing you from turning around or going to the bathroom? Then you might be wondering why they do it and how to stop them. Here is all you need to know.

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It is your cat’s loving embrace

Tails & Tips: The cat sleeping closest to the owner's head is establishing dominance to the other cats. Don Vito always...

Posted by Liz's Kitty Boot Camp on Thursday, February 21, 2019

Cats who feel very close and comfortable with their person will cuddle up to their head during sleep. So, your cat’s presence on top of your face means you have a wonderful bond. Take it as a compliment.

Be prepared to get more of this sort of affection as it gets colder outside, experts warn.

Your head is irresistibly cosy

Those of you that have never owned a cat may not believe this but I know a couple of people who would vouch for the fact that many cats love sleeping on their owner's head!

Posted by Judith Hanson Therapies for the Mind on Friday, October 10, 2014

Cats tend to be drawn to warmth when they plan where to sleep. The body heat released by your head, which is often the only part of your body not covered by blankets when you're in bed, might be presenting your feline with an irresistibly cosy spot to recharge.

How to stop your cat from sleeping on your head and face?

If you want to keep your freedom to turn around during the night, are a light sleeper or have allergies, this all-night-long embrace might be not what you want, as much as you love your cat. You don’t have to sacrifice your bond with them as there are gentle ways to make your fluffy sleep beside you, not on top of you.

Spoil your cat with your attention

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Cuddle with your cat more while you're still awake. Set aside some time for cuddling on a sofa just the two of you. You can also place your kitty on your chest when you watch TV. As soon as it's bedtime, gently move them to their heated bed and turn off the lights.

If you're still struggling, talk to your vet to identify the root of this cute but invasive behaviour. Good sleep is worth fighting for.

Make your cat’s bed extra cosy

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Cats love warm, fluffy blankets, so make sure your pet’s sleeping place has plenty to offer.

A heated cat bed is another solution that can redirect your fur kid’s attention from your face and bed. Affordable heated beds and pads can be purchased from Amazon or larger pet stores.

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