Want to get more snuggle-time with your cat? Do this and thank us later

Cats, with their calm demeanour, are phenomenal at relieving stress. They know it too. As these sassy therapists don’t sell themselves short, follow these simple tricks to get more snuggle time with them.

How to make your cat snuggle up with you at night? Follow these simple tips
© Photo by 琦 刘 on Pexels.com
How to make your cat snuggle up with you at night? Follow these simple tips

What can be nicer than a warm, soft, silky fur coat purring lovingly next to you? Cats are known for their stress relief talents. But they are also famous for providing their healing treatments on their terms, not yours. Although we love our cats for their independence, we’d still like to get more of them next to us. This is how to get your cat to snuggle up with you at night.

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Make your sleeping place warm, very warm

Photo by Fabricio Trujillo on Pexels.com

Cats love the warmth and can often be found curled up by the radiator. Cattitude Daily writes that felines' minds link it to survival and a sense of security. So, all you need to do is prove to your pet that snuggling with you, day or night, means warmth is guaranteed. Use the fluffiest, cosiest blanket for your furry therapist's bed, or take it a step further and sneak a hot water bottle or two under the sheets.

If that doesn’t work, well, consider moving your bed close to the radiator!

Smell good, or at least don’t smell bad

Did you notice how your cat sniffs you every day as if they've never met you before? It is because the way you smell tells them where you've been and how you feel about your day. According to Catster, cats have 200 million scent receptors in their nasal cavity, way more than most dogs. The sense of smell guides cats through life.

So if you want to get the honour of a night snuggle with your cat, make yourself and the sleeping place smell nice. You don’t have to rub the chicken liver ointment on your skin, but avoid the strong odours of perfumes, skincare and candles. Hiding cat treats beside your bed is not a too bad idea either.

Give your cat a relaxing massage first

To get something, you often have to give something, so why not give your cat a gentle, relaxing massage? It will make them forget the worries of cat life and fall asleep beside you peacefully. Remember to do it slowly and track your furry therapist’s reaction as you hit all of their favourite spots. The environment around the two of you has to be free from loud sounds and other triggers. Once your pet is fully relaxed, lay down next to them and let your therapy session begin.

Establish a bedtime routine: tire your cat out and make it sleepy

Photo by João Jesus on Pexels.com

Paw Tracks recommends spending some time playing with your feline before you go to bed. It is likely to make them tired and sleepy. A small amount of food right after will create a healthy illusion of a successful ‘hunt’ with a natural need for a curl-up to recover. Catch your four-legged doctor watery-eyed and happy to temporarily give up some of its sass for a relaxing sleep. Enjoy snuggling up next to its silky coat!

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