The shocking reason why your cat rubs against you

Cats love rubbing against people and objects, and this behaviour is quite unique in the animal kingdom. But you'll be shocked to find out why your pet actually does it.

A shocking reason behind your cat rubbing against you
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A shocking reason behind your cat rubbing against you

Everything your cat does has a special meaning, and rubbing against your legs is just one of those things that you have to decipher. You will be surprised to find out what this ‘sweet’ behaviour actually stands for.

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You’re mine!

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Cats' sense of smellguides them through life. These furry enigmas are designed to leave and receive scents. Felines’ chin, cheeks, forehead, and even their paws secrete a pheromoneThe Spruce Pets writes. This pheromone is odourless to us, but other animals can smell it.

While outdoors, you may have picked up other scents on your skin and clothes. These can even be the smells from other animals! So when your fluffballs rub against you upon your return, they are actually leaving their own scent on you to mark you as theirs. This is to make other animals know that you are not a stray human but have a legitimate owner at home - your cat! It is very much of a cat twist, isn’t it?

This type of territorial behaviour, just like scratching things and urine marking, indicates a bonded relationship.

Other reasons behind all that rubbing

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Rubbing against your legs can also be an invitation to interact. Your pet might be asking you to be fed, pet, or have a play together. This feline initiative is usually short-lived, so grab the moment and spend some quality time together.

As cats may get overstimulated with too much petting, try to limit it not to get your fluffball irritated.

Another reason behind your cat’s rub-hugging you is to show their affection. A feline pet will only do that if it feels safe and secure around a person. When done on inanimate objects, it means they are happy and content in their environment.

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