Do cats fart? And if they do, why can’t we hear it?

We are used to thinking of farts as something audible and stinky, so when they are neither, it gets us worried. Do cats actually fart, and if they do, why can’t we hear it?

Do cats fart? And if they do, why can’t we hear it?
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Do cats fart? And if they do, why can’t we hear it?

Cats are secretive about most things, including their farts. That secrecy leads to the point where cat owners start to wonder if their felines fart at all. But do not fret, these furry enigmas do pass gas like most beings, and some (un)lucky witnesses say their wind is unbearably stinky.

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Why can’t we hear it?

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Love Meow explains that cats' farts are, indeed, mostly silent. The reason behind it is the small amount of gas on the way out. When felines release it, their gastrointestinal system has low internal pressure, and the stink comes out slowly and steadily. The muscles on your pet’s bottom don't close as tightly as that of humans, so it makes less sound.

Does a cat's fart smell?

The odouris a direct result of the cats' diet. Their bodies are made to break down protein-based food. Fillers like carbohydrates and vegetables take extra effort to digest and can produce extra-smelly farts and softer poop. Margaret Gates, Director of the Feline Nutrition Foundation, says that when your cat eats a biologically appropriate diet, its by-products, gas included, are virtually odourless.

If you feel that the wind your cat passes is unbearably stinky, you may consider reviewing what they eat.

How Often Do Cats Fart?

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According to Sara Ochoa, DVM, consulting vet for Dog Lab, one or two toots a day are considered normal. This is barely anything if you compare it to a staggering 21 times per day by a human.

Daily Paws writes that the low frequency of cat gas is based on its diet and mechanism of producing energy. Felines don't rely on hard-to-digest cellulose for their energy as cows do. Cats have a lot fewer bacteria in their gut. Its microbiome needs to break down protein-based diet and fats but doesn't require a bacteria farm pumping out gases.

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