These are the worst animals to keep as pets

Not every pet is cuddly and something that you can play with. Here’s a list of the worst animals to keep as pets.

These are the worst animals to keep as pets
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These are the worst animals to keep as pets

Who doesn’t love pets? All of us do! Even if we don’t have one, someone around us would always do and we play to play with them. Some people opt for regular pets like cats, dogs, birds or rabbits; some are a bit of a daredevil or more intrigued in keeping the not-so-common animals as their pets. One of the main things about keeping a pet is that they will not always be calm and get triggered at some point or the other and that is where it gets tricky. Thesprucepets discussed such animals who are the worst options to keep as pets.

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Venomous snakes

This reptile has the potential to kill you with a single bite. That’s right! Some of them can cause immense pain and blindness if they spit venom in your eyes. And if they manage to escape the house somehow, not only your family but also your neighbours are put at risk.

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While primates like capuchins, chimpanzees, lemurs and baboons are childlike, they act like babies too. Keeping a primate as a pet basically translates to being ready for a rampage without warning anytime. And in case they bite you, they can transmit diseases like hepatitis A and HIV-1 amongst other things.


The cute and intriguing mammal who can sleep all day is best appreciated in the wild. The most challenging part of keeping them as a pet has to be their maintenance. Their average lifespan is 20-30 years and they require insects, fruit, or blood as their diet depending on their species. Really, how much commitment is too much commitment?


This one was tough to put on the list but it's here regardless. Foxes are not recommended pets as while they can be tamed, there is no guarantee that they will always behave that way. The mammal has the capability of biting its owner when they feel threatened. Moreover, foxes have no vaccination protocol and have a musky odour.

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Big cats

Animals like lions, tigers, cougars or leopards are popular choices for the big cats’ pet category. However, they are very dangerous and often have more strength than their owners. Even declawing doesn’t help in keeping them as a safe pet as they can very well bite you or crush you under their paw if a circumstance like that arises.

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