This is where your cat actually wants to be petted

Although every cat is different, most enjoy pets and cuddles. If they don’t, you might be doing them wrong. Find out your cat’s favourite pleasure spots and make it purr with happiness.

This is where your cat actually wants to be petted
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This is where your cat actually wants to be petted

Cats can be fussy when it comes to petting, and it’s good to know what kind of touches please them most. It will strengthen your bond, will help you comfort your pet when they are stressed, and might even save you from a swipe of their deadly claws.

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According to Samantha Nigbur, an ASPCA Behavioural Sciences Team Counsellor, cats tend to like soft, gentle strokes that move in the same direction of their fur, rather than back and forth petting.

But where should you stroke?

Right behind the ears

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Have you noticed tender fur right behind your feline’s ears? Try petting your cat there and see them lean into your hand, begging for more.

However, avoid touching the actual ears. These precious organs do an important job and aren’t meant to be messed with.

Under the chin

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The area under a cat’s chin is covered with soft short hairs. It is tender and vulnerable. Some cats enjoy your gentle touches there and will lift their heads as high as possible to allow more petting. Be careful not to put too much pressure on that pleasure spot, or you’ll make your cat run for its life, Catster writes.

Neck & shoulders

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Have you ever tried to give your furry enigma a ‘deep tissue’ massage? You should, because your kitty might love it. Gently rub your cat’s neck and shoulders, imitating their kneading movements. When you do it for the first time, test every touch and be careful not to press too hard. If your cat enjoys it, they’ll sit perfectly still, lower their head and sink into every rubbing movement.

Right by the tail

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Though your cat’s tail is usually off-limits, the area where it meets the end of its back might be their soft spot. Try rubbing and scratching it to see how your feline reacts. A few strokes of the back could do too.

Right on the fluffy cheeks

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Cats’ ‘chubby’ cheeks are so perfectly pettable, it’s only fortunate that they enjoy us touching them as much as we do. According to Daily Paws, just like the area between the ears, at the base of the ears, and under the chin, feline cheeks have scent glands and make their owners purr when gently rubbed and fluffed.

Belly rubs - less is more

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There is only a handful of times when cats ‘offer’ their bellies for petting. Well, they don’t really offer. They just roll over on the back, revealing their tum-tums which look irresistible to us. Indulge yourself in a couple of rubs. But be prepared. Your cat’s pleasure can quickly turn deadly when they suddenly decide to defend their vulnerable bellies with their razor-sharp claws.

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