5 things cats can do better than dogs

Our cats’ cute furry faces make us forget about everything, including their employable talents. But did you know that pet felines are superior to dogs in many jobs the hard-working pet canines monopolised?

Cats rule, dogs drool? 5 things cats can do better than dogs
© Photo by Nadia Vasil'eva on Pexels.com
Cats rule, dogs drool? 5 things cats can do better than dogs

Unlike some hard-working dogs who use their talents for a living, cats like keeping their talents to themselves and our expectations low. Meanwhile, sly felines are superior to dogs in some of the key senses canines are famous for. It’s time to unwrap their dirty secrets. What is it that cats do better than pooches?

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1. Cats see better than dogs

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

Cats definitely take the prize when it comes to sight, I Love Cats writes. They can see in a wider range of colours and shades than dogs, they also see much better at close range. Thanks to their nocturnal hunting instincts, feline eyes work well in dim light.

2. Cats can hear better than dogs

Both cats and dogs have many muscles in their ears that allow for swivelling, which helps them hone into faraway sounds. Dogs can hear very well but cats can hear better. On average, dogs can hear frequencies up to about 45,000 hertz, but for cats, it is an astonishing 100,000!

3. An average cat has a better sense of smell than an average dog

Cats have 200 million smell receptors in their nostrils which guides them through the hunting process and deciphers the scent-based clues left behind by other cats. Though some dogs, like Bloodhounds, for instance, have been specifically bred to have extraordinary senses of smell with around 300 million scent receptors, an average cat still has a slightly sharper sense of smell than the average dog.

4. Obviously, cats can jump and climb

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest jump ever recorded by a dog was performed by a greyhound, measuring 6.3 feet. Given that the average house cat can jump 5 feet and the strongest house cats can jump even higher, it’s safe to say that cats can jump higher than dogsCat Wiki writes. Felines’ hind legs are strong, they catapult relatively light bodies to incredible heights and distances.

Thanks to their retractable claws and flexible spines and tails, cats are exceptional climbers. You can’t exactly say that about pooches.

5. And most importantly, staying clean and fresh

Did you know that cats often spend up to 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves and other cats? And the result is impressive. Dogs only groom their feet and their private parts, so the dead skin cells or dander clinging to their coats develop an odour.

So, if cats can do things that some dogs do for a living, better, why don’t they help society more? Well, because they don’t want to. Cats do cats.

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