Cat or dog: Which pet fits your personality best?

Choosing between a cat and a dog can be really hard, especially when that choice is permanent. So, it’s best to pick one adapted to your personality.

Cat or dog, which pet fits your personality best?
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Cat or dog, which pet fits your personality best?

When it comes to choosing a future pet, it is always important to look past the cuteness of the pet and think about how it fits into your lifestyle, personality and family life.

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Should you adopt a cat based on your personality?

After seeing plenty of cute videos of cats purring, playing and rubbing their eyes after a long nap, it is is definitely tempting to go and adopt one for yourself. But in reality, looking after a cat is much much different. Looking after a cat involves vet bills, attention, potential allergies and scratches.

Here are four ways to know if a cat is the right companion for you:

  1. You don’t want to interact with your pet too much. Cats are very independent animals and it is more like living with a roommate that comes and goes instead of a limpet.
  2. Cuddle time is sacred, it is important to still enjoy some close contact with your furry companion.
  3. You don’t mind changing a litter, sometimes multiple times a day.
  4. Dead mice? Don’t forget that cats are natural predators and like to hunt, so don’t be surprised if they bring home ‘presents’.
Cat or dog, which pet fits your personality best? Krista Mangulsone/Unsplash

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Should you adopt a dog based on your personality?

It’s always fun seeing dogs outside, trying to play with their lead or simply being cute. It certainly makes you want to have one all to yourself, but does your personality really match the one of a dog?

Here are three ways to know:

  1. You love walks—early in the morning, in the middle of the day, late at night. No exceptions.
  2. You are prepared to have your companion glued to your side. Dogs absolutely love to follow their owners everywhere…even to the toilet.
  3. Your car has space for a dog. Some dogs love car rides so having the right amount of space is crucial. Also having a big enough car helps with vet trips and such.

So which is it for you, a cat or a dog?

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