Does your cat like climbing on your keyboard? Here is why

Does your cat try to ‘help’ you each time you settle down to work on your laptop? There’s more to this peculiar feline behaviour than simple curiosity.

Does your cat like climbing on your keyboard? Here is why
© Photo by Haonan Wei on Unsplash
Does your cat like climbing on your keyboard? Here is why

Many cat owners report that their laptops and keyboards seem to have magnetic powers over their pets. And while looking at your kitty snooze on your device is perfectly cute, it can prevent you from getting your work done and even poses risks of losing some of it due to a furry paw pressing a wrong button. Sadly, some cat parents have learnt it the hard way in the past.

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If you wonder why your cat carries on invading your working space and how to stop them, here is all you need to know.

Keyboards are warm and cosy

Photo by Hồ Xuân Hoàng Dương on Unsplash

Cats are drawn to warm objects, and your computer is just this. As devices often vent heat out of their sides and can get toasty during use, it becomes an attractive spot for your fluffy’s nap.

Once your cat marks down your keyboard as a tempting heat generator, climbing onto it can become a habit. They might even see your keyboard as their new bed, whether or not you happen to be using it at the time.

Your cat believes you’re a hunter too

Photo by fatma betül içen on Unsplash

When your cat sees you quiet and serious, eyes narrowed, posture shifted as you type, they might think that you're hunting, which, in a way, you do.

Amy Shojai, a certified animal behaviour consultant and founder of the Cat Writers' Association says that ‘it's the sound and sight of moving prey that provides the stimulus to chase and capture, a hardwired behaviour as natural to the cat as purring … and wait with infinite patience for prey to appear.

Shojai adds that cats love routine too. So when your pet sees you go into ‘work mode’ by placing a hot drink on your table and turning on the computer, they are tempted to join in.

Your cat is craving attention

Photo by Simon Haslett on Unsplash

If you’ve been staring at your screen for too long, you may have overlooked your precious kitty, making it feel unloved and jealous. Getting on your keyboard seems like a safe way to claim some affection, and everything that comes with it - pets, games, and treats.

Here is how to keep your cat off your computer

Photo by Külli Kittus on Unsplash

A snoozing cat on a keyboard is a perfect photo opportunity. But did you know that cat fur and dander can get stuck between the keys and lead to a hefty professional cleaning bill? A pet frequently sleeping on the keyboard can also cause the system to overheat.

Experts recommend using positive reinforcement to bond with your cat and stop them from acting out when you work.

Create a routine that involves your cat in pleasant interactive play before you sit down with the computer. Provide enrichment to keep them entertained when you concentrate on the screen. Establish a cat relaxation area that's nearby but more attractive than your computer. This could be a cosy box with a fluffy blanket, a cat tree or a shelf with a heated bed.

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