These heartbroken puppies were reunited after two different rescues put their stories together

These canine siblings were separated due to some admin glitch. Heartbroken and traumatised, they weren’t doing well without each other. But thanks to a sheer lucky coincidence, they are back together.

These heartbroken separated pups miraculously reunited after two different rescues put their stories together
© Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash
These heartbroken separated pups miraculously reunited after two different rescues put their stories together

Dogs are known for missing the canine companions they bonded with. Lori and Jerry, 2-year-old terrier mix dogs, got separated after one of them was accepted to a different rescue. The pups were heartbroken. Thankfully, a lucky coincidence and teamwork brought them back together. They are now living their best life together in a new home.

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Heartbreaking Separation

Lori and Jerry were separated after Lori was posted on the transfer list at a local shelter as needing rescue.

Devastated Lori was ‘extremely scared’ and ‘shut down' when she was picked up by Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue (CMDR). She lay shaking on the ground, and no one knew what the pup had been through. Lori was missing her brother Jerry.

She was awaiting for the agreed adoption to go through.

Hello everyone: This is a difficult video to view. Meet Lori. We picked her up today from our local shelter where she lost 2 lbs while pancaked to the ground too afraid to eat. Her bones are protruding. Her world was crushed and she is devastated. We promised her life is going to be good from now on although Lori does not yet understand. That is the solemn promise we make to each dog that enters CMDR rescue. Currently, we are staggering under increasing medical costs: IV fluid therapy, prescription medications, prescription food, eye specialists, eye meds, heart medications, dentals, spay/neuter. We have hospice dogs on intensive comfort support programs. Due to the huge influx and need of fosters, we have went from intake of 15-20 dogs a month to average of 4 focusing on the most needy. We focus on the Lori's who are overlooked, forgotten, and abandoned who with no voice shiver in fear and pain. We have until July 31st to raise enough funds to meet our August budget of $2125. Your support is crucial literally pivotal in making a better world for our littles. Please donate. Together we can make dreams come true. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated. Be a part of the transformation.

Posted by Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue CMDR on Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Jerry was taken in by a different organisation across town, A Home 4 Spot (AH4S) rescue, and found a foster home, The Dodo writes. Initially the only dog with his temporary family, he ‘was exhibiting signs of depression’.

Meet Jerry! This cute little guy is a 6 lb rat terrier mix that was saved from the local shelter where he was...

Posted by A Home 4 Spot Animal Rescue on Wednesday, August 3, 2022

CMDR head Linda Gilliam said:

After we picked up Lori, my admin was informed she had a littermate/housemate (we never separate), but that another rescue had accepted him. As a rule, the shelter will never disclose which rescue accepts what dog, so we did not immediately know who had Jerry.

A miracle

But a week later, something unexpected happened. CMDRfound Jerry in AH4S through their network of contacts. They immediately contacted AH4S’s owner Diana Englund. Lori and Jerry had to be reunited as soon as possible.

According to the shelter, the moment when Lori and Jerry saw each other again is unforgettable.

Gilliam said:

Jerry was in heaven, [and] Lori was a little shy, which is her nature. Jerry is more dependent on her.

To make sure the siblings never had to separate again, the rescue had to find a forever home that would take them both.

I am whole again

Posted by Connor and Millie's Dog Rescue CMDR on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

A loving home for two

The charity approached the family that adopted Lori and explained the situation. As the siblings were absolutely heartbroken without each other, the both rescues decided to waive all the fees to make the process smoother. They really wanted the pups to be happy.

Thankfully, the new owner agreed. Both dogs ‘settled in nicely’ in their new home and have improved physically and emotionally since reuniting.

It’s not so often you come across this specific type of happy ending.

Gilliam said:

The odds of this happening are just unreal.

Thanks to that teamwork, Lori and Jerry never have to separate again, and they couldn’t be happier.

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