Dog is reunited with her owner after surviving on her own for two months

For pet owners, there is probably nothing worse than thinking about their pets going missing for months. For one person from the USA, this nightmare became a reality.

dog reunited owner two months mountains alone cute story heartwarming
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dog reunited owner two months mountains alone cute story heartwarming

When two hikers came across a lonely dog in the mountains of the US state of Colorado, they immediately called the police and animal specialists. What nobody suspected was that a missing person's case could finally be solved on the spot.

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The missing dog was finally found in the mountains

On Platform X, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office stated that the event took place at Meyer Ranch Park. The dog encountered by the walkers was injured and uncooperative.

One of the hikers is said to have tried to carry the animal down the mountain, but he was bitten as a result. So the hikers called the police to help the animal. One of the friends made his way down into the valley so that the police could find their way to the animal, while the other stayed with the dog.

Dog missing for two months

A ranger at the Sheriff's Office remembered a poster showing a missing dog, which looked fairly similar to the dog found by hikers. The missing dog was actually the animal that the hikers had found. The animal had been missing for almost two months.

Nova, as the dog is called, was finally reunited with her owner thanks to the conservationists from Jefferson County who called the number on the poster. Nova is said to have lived in the forest for a whole two months, all on her own.

Nova was all alone

According to Tag24, the police wrote on Xhow important it is to be there for the animals:

Of all the special things we do for our planet, one of them is to serve the animals.

The 14-month-old dog escaped with a broken leg and is currently awaiting surgery, according to the source. The young Bernese mountain dog is actually a service dog and helps Robynne Simons-Sealy, who has physical limitations, to move around safely.

'I was in tears every time it snowed'

According to the owner, her dog survived 'two snowstormsand temperatures below freezing'. She told The Denver Post:

I was in tears every time it snowed.

Then, on the day of the reunion, the owner could hardly believe her eyes.

When I went to the car, it was [for the dog] like I was a human like everyone else and when she [Nova] realized who I was, she went crazy. It was so beautiful and heartwarming and the most wonderful sound when she realized, 'I'm safe, I'm fine,'.

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