Nanny cam footage captures special bond between a baby and his dog

The nanny cam that was installed in this baby's room shows the heart melting footage of the special bond he has with his four-legged companion.

Nanny cam footage captures special bond between a baby and his dog
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Nanny cam footage captures special bond between a baby and his dog

Little Finn from Richmond, Virginia, has had a hard life ever since he was born. His mother, Paige, learned that her son would be born with a heart problem when she was in the 20th week of her pregnancy. The silver lining was that, because the problem was caught quickly, both the family and the doctors were prepared. Nevertheless, Finn still had to spend seven weeks in hospital after he was born.

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An inseparable friendship, even during the night

When he was finally allowed to go home, it wasn’t long before he met his first friend. Brutus, the family dog, welcomed the little one into the house with open paws. From that moment on, the two were inseparable. Paige told the Dodo:

Once we got home, it was as if Brutus just knew Finn needed some extra close monitoring, and he has been by his side ever since.

A few months later, Finn got his first real bed. Although it was very comfortable, it’s always better not to have to spend the night alone. So Finn and his dog Brutus developed a cute little nighttime routine. The boy either got out of bed to visit his four-legged friend, or Brutus would jump into bed with him.

Funny nanny cam recordings

Paige documented the cute, but funny relationship they had with numerous photos of how the two would cuddle up to each other at night and fall asleep. But the videos taken by the family’s nanny cam are even funnier.

They show the little one, shortly after being put to bed by his mother, take his blanket, crawl down onto the floor to where Brutus was, and then spend a few minutes finding a suitable place to sleep with the dog.

Paige thought this was hilarious and so posted the videos of her son getting comfortable in the bed with Brutus online. The videos are just too funny! Finn certainly didn’t have an easy start in life. But with the support from his pet, he’s definitely in good hands. Brutus takes good care of him and is so patient!

Check out the video above to see this incredibly special friendship between dog and human!

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