This diabetic dog was left all alone on the street with a heartbreaking note

This dog was left on the street with a bag full of toys and a desperate note from her owner. But why did they leave her?

Dog found abandoned on the street with this heartbreaking note
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Dog found abandoned on the street with this heartbreaking note

Dogs are undoubtedly a person’s best friend. Their unquestioned loyalty as well trust are just some of the few things that make them great companions. Despite possessing all these qualities many dogs get heartlessly abandoned by their families. However, sometimes it is also a possibility that the family is not in a condition, physically or financially, to take care of them. This is exactly what happened with this adorable pooch.

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Dog with a bag of toys

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Posted by Wisconsin Humane Society on Thursday, May 5, 2022

As covered by Unilad, a dog named Baby Girl was spotted tied to a fire hydrant on a street. Upon closer inspection, the tan coloured pooch was sitting near a bag that was filled with dog toys, accompanied by a note. The dog was immediately taken in by The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) in Green Bay, US. The note revealed the reason why her owner left her behind. Even though the note was not revealed by the representative of the shelters, it stated that the owner was incapable of taking care of the dog anymore.

The desperate note

UPDATE 5/12/22: Baby Girl was made available for adoption today and had a few folks eagerly waiting to meet her right...

Posted by Green Bay Campus - Wisconsin Humane Society on Tuesday, May 10, 2022

As shared by the Mirror, Baby Girl suffered from Mellitus. Also known as canine diabetes this condition requires the dog to take insulin injections and round the clock monitoring of glucose and blood sugar levels, as the elevation in these can lead to the dog getting sick. The pooch would also require a special diet that catered to a diabetic canine. Unfortunately, the previous owner was not able to provide that due to their own financial and personal struggles.

Unilad reported that WHS shared via their Facebook:

First and foremost, we are so sorry you had to part with your best friend. It’s evident just how much you loved her and we can see you did your best while struggling with your own medical complications and challenges of life.

The monthly purchase of insulin is very expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. The page further elaborated:

We see your love in the bag you carefully packed with all of her favourite things. We see your love in the way you secured her leash so she wouldn’t get hit by a car. We see your love in the way you placed her in the middle of a neighbourhood where she’d be quickly found. We see your love in how happy and healthy Baby Girl looks. And we see your love in the note you left, pleading for someone to help her when you no longer could.

However, as luck would have it, Baby Girl found a new home just days after being taken into the shelter! The previous owner is ecstatic that Baby Girl has been adopted into a good home.

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An abandoned dog with a heartbreaking note was found wandering the streets An abandoned dog with a heartbreaking note was found wandering the streets