This Mr Ugly of a dog shelter seeks a new home

Mr Ugly, a dog who was found alone on a mountain, is looking for a new home. Are you the beautiful one for him?

This Mr Ugly of a dog shelter seeks a new home
© Blind Dog Rescue UK
This Mr Ugly of a dog shelter seeks a new home

Vincent, a five-year-old blind dog, has earned the moniker Mr Ugly at Blind Dogs Rescue UK, but he hopes to shed the title once he finds a new home in the UK. Volunteers lost hope that this sad puppy would find his forever family after he was dubbed Mr Ugly.

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Finding a home

After spending a year wandering alone on a mountainside, the blind five-year-old canine was taken up by Blind Dog Rescue UK. He was in a very poor way with practically no fur on his body when he was picked up by the rescue. The lonely Vincent is hoping that someone in the United Kingdom will step forward and provide him a spot in their house. According to a spokesman for Blind Dog Rescue UK:

He is leishmania positive which caused his blindness and will need regular medication and blood tests for this for his entire life.

This AMAZING boy is Vincent ❤️ he was found in a sad way with hardly any fur and called Mr Ugly at the shelter. He is a...

Posted by Blind Dog Rescue UK on Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Vincent's fur has totally grown back after being rescued from the mountains, indicating that he will soon be able to shed his Mr Ugly moniker. He's been described as a calm, friendly, and cheerful dog who enjoys being around people. The spokesperson added:

Vincent would love a patient home where he can learn to trust his new family and can live with a female dog for company.

Vincent is now residing in a Greek rescue but is prepared to fly to the United Kingdom once a family has been identified. Contact Blind Dog Rescue UK via their website to adopt Vincent or learn more about him.

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Blind dog rescue UK

Blind Dog Rescue UK is a small charity committed to rescuing and rehoming blind and partially sighted dogs in the United Kingdom. They collaborate with rescuers across Europe to save dogs, offer emergency veterinary care, and find these abandoned and rescued dogs forever homes in the United Kingdom.

Blind Dog Rescue UK also rescues dogs from within the United Kingdom who have been abandoned by their owners or are facing euthanasia. They frequently witness dogs who are not allowed to demonstrate how amazing blind dogs may be and how regular lives they can have. In these situations, the organisation steps in to assist owners in adjusting to having a blind dog or to guarantee that the dog is surrendered to their care so that they can find them a new home.

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