This one-eyed dog who was horribly mistreated is now looking for a forever home

After being tied up and beaten all her life, a dog with one eye seeks a new home.

One-eyed dog who was tortured ‘all her life’ seeks a new home
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One-eyed dog who was tortured ‘all her life’ seeks a new home

Mika, a beautiful little dog, is currently in the care of Love4Dogs Rescue in Dorset, after being rescued from abusers in Romania and nursed back to health by a kind-hearted vet. A little puppy who had been chained and mistreated for years before being rescued is now looking for a new home. Six years old Mika is the loveliest little soul, despite losing her right eye as a result of horrific mistreatment on Romanian streets.

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Mika’s misery

She was rescued four years ago from her abusers and arrived in the United Kingdom this month to be fostered by Sharon Love of Poole, Dorset, who runs Love4Dogs Rescue. As reported by The Mirror, Mika had a phobia of the lead when Sharon first adopted her and would panic if she felt a tug, but she has since recovered and is looking for a forever family. Sharon stated:

Mika must be one of the most forgiving souls I've met. I thought she'd be more wary of people but she is extremely friendly and loves humans and dogs.

Mika was tormented and tethered outside a garage in Romania for four years before a veterinarian intervened and saved her. Sharon met her at a Romanian rescue facility where he cleaned her up and took her. Sharon added:

She had been beaten to the point her right eye was rotting and decayed.

Love4Dogs Rescue supporters banded together to raise £800 for the operation. Mika didn't have surgery until she flew to the UK earlier this month because the vet was apprehensive to operate on her eye. Sharon confirmed:

Her eye was already gone but we wanted to close the wound over so it wouldn't get infected.

FOSTERED IN POOLE DORSET Mika is the most beautiful little soul, after enduring a life tied up and beaten to the point...

Posted by Love4Dogs Rescue on Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Adopt for a cause

Now that her eye has recovered from the surgery, Mika is ready to find a forever home. She is microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed, and may live with children, cats, and other dogs. Fill out the Love4Dogs Adoption Form online and contact Sharon on her Facebook page to adopt Mika.

This week, Mika isn't the only traumatised dog looking for a new home. Elsie the puppy was rescued from her Romanian abusers and taken to the United Kingdom for a second chance at life. Despite her anxiety that everyone wants to injure her, the 10-month-old mixed breed is currently at Oakwood Dog Rescue in Hull, where rescuers are unwilling to give up on her. Contact Oakwood Dog Rescue at if you're interested in adopting Elsie.

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