The world’s loneliest dog needs a home

The world's most lonely dog, who hasn't left a rescue centre in 11 years, is looking for a forever home.

The world’s loneliest dog needs a home
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The world’s loneliest dog needs a home

Pluto was rescued from a Romanian death shelter when he was just four days old, and he'll die in the centre if no one intervenes. The world's most undesired dog has been in a Romanian rescue centre for 11 years and is still looking for a home. Pluto, the sweet youngster, was rescued from a kill shelter after his mother and siblings were adopted.

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Pluto has lived at Nobody Canine for the longest time, and the friendly dog has never left the rescue centre’s property. And now, the centre’s manager claims that unless someone intervenes, he will die.

Friendly Pluto

Pluto enjoys being around other dogs, cats, and children, and would flourish in a rural setting with an active family. Alena Stan, the founder of Nobody Rescue in Romania, works with Bridging The Gap Rescue in the United Kingdom to reunite stray dogs from kill shelters with families all throughout Europe. Alena said:

He will end his life in the centre if no one steps in and shows him the world. I’ve had Pluto since he was four days old.
He was born in a public kill shelter with his mum and four siblings in December 2010. His mum and three siblings were adopted, and Pluto and his brother Dino were left behind.

Sadly, Dino recently passed away, leaving Pluto as the sole survivor. The loveliest boy is Pluto, Alena's longest stay at the Nobody Dogs rescue centre.

Need for home

Pluto has never acted aggressively and gets along well with other dogs, cats, and children. He walks nicely on a leash and would love to live in a rural setting with a family and children. He'd need time and tolerance to adjust because he'd never heard any city sounds or seen television before. Alena has struggled for 11 years to find a place to call home, and Pluto has spent 11 years trying to find a place to call home. She explained:

The kennels and shelter are all he’s ever known. He has never left the ranch in the woods.

Alena describes Pluto’s personality as very friendly and active dog. Pluto has had a long and happy life at the rescue so far, but it would be incredible for him to travel the world and find a permanent family. She added:

We are a very small organisation and it’s difficult to adopt dogs in Romania. People don’t look at private centres.

Please contact Nobody Dogs on Facebook if you believe you could be the perfect home for Pluto.

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