Man’s horrific attack on his own dog caught on CCTV

This man has faced punishment following a vicious attack caught on camera.

dog attack
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dog attack

Many of us have pets, and they are the most precious things in our lives. Dog owners, especially, usually have a very close bond with their pups - and would do anything to keep them safe and happy. Unfortunately, however, this is not always the case. The following story is as brutal as it is heartbreaking.

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We’ve heard horrible stories of abandoned dogs, and we’ve heard about dogs who have accidentally hurt their owners, but this time we’ll discuss a man who purposefully attacked his dog. CCTV footage captured the abuse, and the man has thankfully faced the consequences.

The attack

Carlton Chesney-Mitchell, 21, was caught on camera attacking his Belgian Malinois dog Annie. The footage was shared on Facebook, which is how the owner was identified. The clip showed the young man approaching an open garden on a bike in Wythenshawe, a town near Manchester. He jumped off his bike, stormed into the garden, and hit and kicked Annie in the face. He then grabbed her by her neck and flung her across the yard. She landed and started running off, and he followed on his bike.

In the audio from the video, which dates back to 12 June last year, Carlton Chesney-Mitchell can be heard screaming insults at his pet. He tells Annie off:

Stop pi****g me off and f*****g running off, stop it.

Before throwing her across the garden, he called her a ‘f*****g piece of s***’. His behaviour was flagged to the RSPCA.

Carlton Chesney-Mitchell faces the consequences

Inspector Deborah Beats took the case on and managed to track down the owner. She explained:

I reached out to those on social media who had information on this video and after a false start, I was able to speak to a member of the public who informed me the dog and the owner were at their house.

Inspector Beats met the owner at this person’s address, along with his 2-year-old dog. Annie was taken for a check at the vet’s and thankfully had no major injuries. However, a vet report stated that his abuse will have had a ‘life-long effect’:

This is shown with Annie’s fear behaviours such as cowering away from the person in the video before the second kick and cowering when her head was approached for examination.

It was determined that Chesney-Mitchell inflicted ‘unnecessary suffering’ to his pet, who had done no wrong and harmed no one. He was banned from having dogs for two years and given a year-long community order. According to the Manchester Evening News, he ‘must complete 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £200 in costs and £114 in a victim surcharge’.

After his punishment was decided, Inspector Beats said she was ‘glad this case has concluded’, and that Annie could go on to find a home where she would be looked after and loved.

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