Here is what your Christmas tree says about your personality

Every Christmas tree is unique, and there is a good reason why. The decorations you choose for it reveal some traits of your personality, your values and interests. Interior experts from explain what your festive tree tells about you.

Here is what your Christmas tree reveals about your personality
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Here is what your Christmas tree reveals about your personality

Christmas is a time of magic and childhood memories. Most people love decorating their homes and trees to get into the festive mood, but everyone has a different way of doing it. Some flood their living space with tinsel, and others keep it minimalist. Interior experts from explain what Christmas decorations reveal about your personality, values, and interests.

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Tons of tinsel

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Tinsel is a classic decoration you can’t imagine Christmas without. It is inexpensive and festive. It can add plenty of colours and shine to any tree.

But it can also look slightly tacky and make your interior style feel ‘too much’. If you have a lot of tinsel on your tree, you’re someone who enjoys having fun and isn't afraid of being a little flashy every now and again. You’re a party person!

Minimalism in the Scandinavian style

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If you like your tree Scandi-style simplistic with minimum decorations, you’re not the one with clutter at home. You prefer to keep things tidy and clean. You're practical and realistic, with little time for frivolities in life. You prefer to stay minimalist because it’s easy and affordable — not because you're boring!

Handmade decorations

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If your tree features a lot of handmade decorations created by your family members, you’re likely very close with your loved ones. You value family ties over looks and appearances. Christmas is the happiest time of the year for you as it brings everyone together.

Mismatched colourful ornaments

People who love mismatched ornaments love to make everything their own. They don't care about following trends or doing things just like everyone else — they want to express themselves through their decorating choices and make sure everything looks exactly the way they want it to.

Candy canes

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Candy canes are another classic Christmas decoration that can make anyone feel festive. If you have them on your tree, it means that not only do you enjoy the holidays, but you also take joy in making others happy. They help you share holiday cheer and show off your sense of humour.

Glitter everywhere!

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Sparkly, shiny baubles are a staple of a holiday tree. If your tree is covered in them, you're probably an optimist at heart and believe in the power of positive thinking. You’re also likely to be a person who likes to shine bright and be the centre of attention.

Twinkle, twinkle, little lights

If you love to see your house decorated with greenery and twinkling lights, you're a hopeless romantic who loves to watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music and make memories with friends and family.

An angel on top

Angels are all about goodness and kindness – qualities that are very important to you too. You are a very spiritual person who can be quite sensitive and emotional.

But you don’t fall apart at the drop of a hat; you just have a strong sense of right and wrong and want everyone to be happy!

Glass baubles chiming

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If your tree is covered in glass balls, your glass is definitely always half-full. You see the best in everything and everyone around you. You love the sound they make when they chime against the tree and appreciate the small things in life.

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