This Is What Your Profile Picture Really Says About Your Personality

Whether it's for Facebook, Twitter, Insta or WhatsApp - the photo you pick to represent yourself to the online world says a lot about your personality.

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According to the results of a study carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, this is what your profile picture really says about you:

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Posing with an object

If you like to share pics of yourself posing with an object - like a guitar, a book or a flower - you're most likely someone who is open to new experiences.

A no-selfie

Sharing a picture of something other than yourself - like a pet, building or car - suggests you may have a neurotic personality.

Smartie pants

Smartly dressed, perfectly framed profile pics suggest that you are a conscientious person, especially if your photo makes you look older than your years.

Blurry but happy

A poor-quality, blurry photo depicting a happy moment suggests that you're an agreeable person. You're not worried about showing off a top photo, you just want to share a happy memory.

Posing with someone younger

Posing with someone younger than you in your profile pic suggests you're an extrovert. You're also more likely to have an especially colourful photo - though it won't necessarily be the best quality.

So, how accurate do you think this is?

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