What does your music taste say about your personality?

A new international study conducted on people’s music taste has shown a correlation between listening preferences and personality traits.

What does your music taste say about your personality?
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What does your music taste say about your personality?

According to an international study, people with comparable personality qualities are more likely to appreciate the same musical genre. The Cambridge University study, which included 350,000 people from more than 50 nations on six continents, discovered that people with similar personalities like the same kinds of music. Dr David Greenberg, a musician, neurologist, and psychologist from Cambridge University, led the study. He stated:

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We were surprised just how much these patterns between music and personality replicated across the globe.
People may be divided by geography, language and culture, but if an introvert in one part of the world likes the same music as introverts elsewhere, that suggests that music could be a very powerful bridge.

Dr Greenberg's team correctly predicted that extraversion, which is defined by a desire for excitement and sociability, would be associated with a preference for contemporary, upbeat music before the study.


Extroverts from the United States to India have been discovered to appreciate Ed Sheeran's smashing single Shivers. Extraverts in the UK were just as likely as those in Argentina and India to be likely to vibe to pop music tunes. Extraversion and modern music were shown to have a particularly significant association around the equator, particularly in Central and South America. This could be due to environmental conditions influencing musical choices, with people in warmer climates preferring more rhythmic music that they can dance to.

Neurotics & Neuroticism

Neurotic people worldwide preferred the metal and rock kind of music. Neurotic people in the United States were just as likely as those in Denmark and South Africa as all of them preferred Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. Much to researchers’ surprise, neuroticism went a different way altogether. According to Dr Greenberg, it would have either preferred sad music to communicate their loneliness or uplifting music to change their mood. However, these people favoured powerful music as it reflects their inner anxiety and fury.

Agreeable People

Agreeable folks favoured What's Going On by Marvin Gaye and Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. As such, their interest worldwide lies in Progressive soul; R & B; symphonic pop; psychedelic soul types of music.


Open people, like extroverts, loved pop and folk music, such as David Bowie's Space Oddity.


Dr Greenberg's research projected that conscientious and introverted people will conflict with powerful, aggressive music.

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