This is what your hair colour says about your personality

Most people tend to change their natural hair colour to try something different and unique. Do you have blonde, black, red, pink, or brown hair? Here’s what it says about your personality.

This is what your hair colour says about your personality
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This is what your hair colour says about your personality

What’s the first thing that people try to change about their looks? The hair – either the hairstyle or the hair colour. From the fiery red-head to less-intelligent blondes, your hair colour has always had a common perception attached to it. While some of it is just a stereotype, some may actually be true. People dye their hair in all sorts of colours, here’s what it says about their personality:

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What natural hair colours says about your personality


The rare colour, which is found naturally in only about 5-10% of women, has many conceptions attached to it. However, the only one that stands true is that blonde hair girls are carefree, loud, high-maintenance, fun-loving and the centre of attention.


This is the most common hair colour in the world. Brunettes are usually responsible, reliable and hard-working. They tend to have stable and long relationships as compared to others.

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Black-haired people are mysterious and intense. These people are intelligent, happy, confident and always on a path of self-learning or spirituality.

Natural Grey

Grey-haired people go with the flow in their lives, unlike others who get them coloured. The grey colour symbolises their wisdom and warm heart. They accept things for what they are.


White-haired people are as simple as it gets. They are dependable, and careful and make people feel secure in relationships.


Sass alert! Red-haired people are as bright as their hair colour. They aren’t afraid to show off or be fierce. These people cannot take no for an answer and are big romantics.

What dyed hair colours says about your personality

Dyed tips

A safe player! Dyed hair tips are the best way to add newness to your look and yet keep it safe. These people like to break rules but just enough that it’s fun and not risky.


Hello, rebels! People with streaks in their hair are cool, passionate and confident. They are bold and creative but have their moments of being shy occasionally.


It’s a sign of empowerment. Pink-haired people are warm, caring and not afraid to try new things. They are absolute trendsetters and swear by fashion.


These people think outside the box. Purple-haired people are creative, artistic and spiritually advanced. They have a regal aura around them.

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Big-hearted, empathetic and peace-loving people opt for blue colour hair. These people are usually calm, open-minded, out-going and natural-born leaders.


When you just can’t do with one colour–rainbow it is! These people tend to be out-going, loud, creative and have unique personalities. They beg to differ from the traditional societal norms and live life on their own terms.

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