This Is What Your Hairline Says About You

Did you know that your hairline says a lot about you? To the right, uneven, curved or pointing towards the front… Depending on how you part your hair, you can find out more about yourself. Take the test!

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Have you ever heard of metoscopy? This is the study of lines and shapes of foreheads, and what this says about somebody. Everybody has them, and they are all different, and yet it is something we rarely talk about. This handy guide can provide some illumination about what your hairline says about you.

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Middle parting to the right

You have a clear and balanced mind, you’re the one your friends turn to for advice and a shoulder to cry on. Intelligent and polite, you’re very frank and don’t understand how people can be passive aggressive or rude. You’re an organised person.

Right-side parting

You’re sensitive and empathetic. You like taking care of your loved ones, but this can sometimes be your downfall as you risk losing yourself. You’re a really good cook.

Middle parting

You’re adaptable, dedicated to your family and to your work. You’re sociable and someone nice to spend time with.

Left-side parting

From morning until night, your main concerns are always work and family. You’re focused on your one main goal: to succeed in life. You have a lot of compassion for animals and children but you’re not very patient with adults.

Although a hairline is something easy, quick and cheap to change up, most have a look that they tend to stick to. The question remains therefore whether this is a question of habit, or if it represents something deeper. Some sociologists believe in fact that it represents right vs left brain function, or creative thinking vs logic.

What do you think? Check out the video above to find out more about what your hairline reveals about your personality!

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