Which Hair Dryer To Buy

Want to buy a new hair dryer but you're not sure if you should opt for an ionic, a diffuser or a professional? Don't worry, Ohmymag will offer you a few tips on how you can choose the best one.

Which Hair Dryer To Buy
Which Hair Dryer To Buy

The Different Types Of Hair Dryers

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1. Ionic hair dryers: Ionic hair dryers have the great advantage of drying the hair without it becoming static, which is often the case in winter with the difference in heat between the inside and the outside. Ionic hair dryers do indeed fight against static electricity thanks to a very particular technique sending ions into the hair: that's where the name comes from. In addition, they offer faster drying than most hair dryers, which is ideal if you have damaged hair, as it is best not to expose it too long to heat.

2. Diffuser hair dryers: A diffuser hair dryer is a conventional hair dryer, but on which it is possible to replace the concentrator with a diffuser. The latter is a hair dryer accessory which can create volume, mainly for curly hair. The diffuser allows you to dry the curls without breaking them and offers an airy and flexible rendering. You can get it after buying a classic hair dryer or directly at the time of purchase.

3. Professional hair dryers: Professional hair dryers are no longer reserved for hairdressers, individuals also have access to specialised stores or the Internet. The advantage of a professional hair dryer is that it offers more power and strength than a standard hair dryer found in supermarkets. The power of a professional hair dryer can reach up to 2,300 watts, allowing faster drying than a conventional hair dryer. It's also much lighter on your hair.

4. Other things to consider: It is tempting to buy the most powerful hair dryer. Be careful though as this is not suitable for all types of hair. So, if your hair is already damaged or very thin, opt for a hair dryer of less than 2,000 watts. You can also choose a hair dryer with a heat setting to opt for the coolest setting and avoid burning your scalp. The cable length should also be taken into account if you do not have an electrical outlet near your mirror.

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