Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Choosing the perfect 'do for medium length locks isn't always easy, whether you want all your hair up, half-up or let it run free. Whatever takes your fancy, slide through our favourite 20 wedding hairstyles paired with classic tips to make any style work.

Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair
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Wedding Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

Wedding Hairstyles For Mid-Length Hair

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1. Incorporate different textures: Having medium-length hair allows you to work with it a little more by creating different textures such as soft waves, sleek and straight strands as well as loose or tight curls. Curled hair has always been the go-to for a classic wedding hair-do. Indeed, curls are very trendy and can give a little volume when you have fine hair. Plus, hairstyles with curls are very elegant, romantic and always remain timeless!

2. Accessorise: If you have medium-length hair, don't hesitate to play with accessories. If your wedding is in the spring or summer time, a pretty flower crown would make a wonderful laid-back addition to your dress. On the other hand, you might want to try intricate hair slides, a flower on the side or a tiara. The headband has become a very trendy wedding accessory in recent years that and compliments your medium locks perfectly.

3. Try braids: Braids can create a very unique and elegant look, which is exactly how you'd like to feel on your special day. If you have shorter hair, choose a small braid on the side - whilst it's a simple 'do, it can look very fresh and natural. Otherwise, you can try a braided headband, a corncob braid or a braided tiara. If you prefer your hair up, incorporating small and fine braids into the style achieves a lovely bohemian finish.

4. Don't forget to fix up: If you've opted to be the master of your own hair for your wedding, making sure your hair stays in plays is absolutely essential. Make sure to grab a couple of good-quality hair products to ensure your hair is fixed in place whilst remaining healthy-looking and shiny. You want to go for a styling mousse to apply to wet hair before blow-drying and styling as well as a hairspray to give your hair a final spritz before you get into the limo. Additionally, you can use a leave-in conditioner if your hair needs a bit of extra care or a texturising spray for naturally curly or wavy hair.

5. Wear it with the dress: An excellent way to decide on a hairstyle for your medium lengths is looking at the type of dress you'll be wearing and choosing a hair-do that compliments it most. For example, if you're wearing a high collar dress, a high bun would look best whilst a loose, natural style compliments a strapless dress best. Choosing a style that suits the dress means that you can bring out your best features and complete your overall look.

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