This 25-year-old woman made bold hair decision for her wedding, and the results are incredible

At the age of 25, this woman decided not to dye her hair before her wedding day, and to finally embrace her white hair.

grey hair empowerment women natural
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grey hair empowerment women natural

Sophie decided to stand up for herself, and for good reason! Sophie McGrath, a 29-year-old woman from New Zealand, made a big decision 4 years ago. While she had been dyeing her hair for many years, for her wedding she decided to go natural and embrace her white hair.

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'It was causing me too much stress'

Sophie McGrath

While women generally start to develop white hair at a fairly advanced age, unfortunately this was not the case for Sophie McGrath. Indeed, it was in 2007, at the age of 13, that the young woman discovered her first white hair. After removing it with tweezers, time passed. And little by little, the New Zealander's beautiful dark-brown hair began to change, revealing numerous white hairs.

At the age of 15, Sophie McGrath began to feel self-conscious and decided to dye her hair. A time-consuming and costly process that she repeated for ten years. After trying out a number of colors, the young woman began to tire of the process and decided to make a decision. She told Daily Mail Australia:

Dyeing my hair became something I thought about constantly. I realized that having to cover my silver hair was causing me more stress than my gray hair itself.

So she decided to keep her natural hair.

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Sophie McGrath married with white hair

Sophie McGrath

Since making this decision, Sophie McGrath has been happier and more fulfilled than ever!

My self-confidence was lower while I was dyeing my hair because I had to hide something so natural about myself.

And now the young New Zealander is completely at ease with her true hair colour!

I've never felt more confident about my appearance than I do now with my gray hair, which I proudly show off.

What's more, for her wedding, which took place in 2019, the young woman didn't hesitate at all to keep her hair natural!

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Source used : Daily Mail Australia

This woman got a 7-hour hair makeover for her wedding and the results are unbelievable This woman got a 7-hour hair makeover for her wedding and the results are unbelievable