Woman reveals how she transformed her body for wedding, and it involves drinking a lot of water

In 2017, this woman's story of wowed netizens. She completely transformed her body for her wedding day...

Woman transformation wedding day water weight
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Woman transformation wedding day water weight

Alyssa Lusk, an American teacher living in Mississippi, gained weight and reached over 14 stone because of poor eating habits she and her partner had adopted. She had been with her future husband Carter Lusk, for a year, before she decided to take action on her unhealthy habits.

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According to several publications that were reporting her story, it was taking a huge toll on her mental health. The then-27-year-old said,

I was eating fast food all of the time and didn't work out as much.
I remember walking around the mall and wanting to cry because I was so unhappy with myself.

How Alyssa changed her lifestyle

Depressed by this weight gain, Alyssa decided to improve her lifestyle. Instead of her usual two litres of water, she started drinking four litres of water daily, following a doctor's recommendation. This is at least twice the recommended daily intake. Now drinking water is essential for survival, but this little piece of information made her story go viral on the internet.

However, that's not all she did to get in shape.

Alyssa also monitored her diet and returned to sports, going to the gym six times a week.

After losing ten pounds, Carter asked for her hand in marriage and Alyssa agreed.

Getting in shape for her wedding

Like many who want to transform their look for their wedding day, getting married motivated Alyssa to redouble her efforts.

She lost an extra 11lbs before her ceremony where she appeared transformed and radiant. She had to resist the temptation to radically change her lifestyle, but Alyssa is now completely satisfied.

Alyssa recommended anyone wanting to lose weight should take it slow and focus on a healthy diet and exercise:

My best advice for beginners is to make slight changes first, begin drinking water, start tracking calories and workout three to four days a week. Keep it simple so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Disclaimer: If you're thinking of trying this method make sure you consult a doctor first to rule out any potential risks.

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