This Australian Teen Has Proven Doubters Wrong With Her Weight Loss Transformation

17-year-old Josie Desgrand weighed almost 19 stone until she decided to make some big changes and shed almost half her body weight.

Josie Desgrand
© Josie Desgrand
Josie Desgrand

Determined not to have to wear a plus-size dress to her end-of-year prom, Josie embarked on a weight loss journey that would transform her life.

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She said, 'I remember lying in bed and looking at all the transformation photos and wanting it so badly.'

At her heaviest, Josie weighed 18 stone 12 and she suffered from severe bullying.

How did she do it?

Josie had already been left miserable after trying several fad diets - none of which had worked. This time, though, she managed to lose weight quickly and healthily by cutting out processed foods and sugar completely, cutting down carbs and eating smaller portion sizes. She also now goes to the gym three to four times a week.

Josie said: 'I don't see it as a diet now, I see it as a lifestyle. The first two weeks of eating healthy were so difficult but now it's easy for me.'

The future is bright

Her efforts certainly paid off - Josie looks stunning in a glitzy red gown in her prom photos and her mum says she's like a totally different person - 'It hasn't just been a change in her body, it's been a change in her life. There's no better feeling watching my daughter turn her life around like this - and she's had so many teenage girls reach out to her and look at her as a source of inspiration.'

Josie's amazing transformation has gained her almost 25,000 Instagram followers on her account @nolongerfatjosie. She shares selfies and side-by-side transformation photos as well as lots of pics of the tasty but healthy food she eats now. She's also been writing a book about her weight loss experience to inspire others.

Check out the video above to see Josie's incredible transformation!

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring