Famed Personal Trainer Explains Adele’s Weight Loss

The British singer Adele has recently lost quite a lot of weight and her physical transformation has really intrigued internet users. A famous personal trainer thinks she’s uncovered the secret behind her impressive weight loss.

Famed Personal Trainer Explains Adele’s Weight Loss
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Famed Personal Trainer Explains Adele’s Weight Loss

Adele has completely changed. Smiling, radiant and a lot thinner, her photos from the Caribbean have really impressed her fans. The singer has lost almost 20 kilos and admirers of the young woman are both worried and impressed by this transformation. A famous personal trainer recently decided to clear things up about her weight loss.

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‘She has changed her lifestyle’

In an interview with The Sun, Camila Goodis, a famed personal trainer to the stars, has revealed the secret behind Adele’s new figure. According to the expert, the singer’s weight loss has nothing to do with exercise.

‘She doesn’t like exercise.’ The woman who coached the singer known for ‘Skyfall’ for several months apparently gave her some weight loss tips.

These tips included giving up processed foods, sugar and fizzy drinks.

‘I don’t believe she liked exercise much, but she has changed her lifestyle and I believe that 90 per cent was dieting.’ The Brazilian coach and close friend of Robbie Williams’ wife, Ayda Fields, also explained that her new look is down to ‘a healthy balanced diet, eating fewer calories a day and expending more energy.’

It’s no secret

Camila Goodis seems to be leaning towards the implementation of a special diet and not an abundance of exercise. In addition, since her split from Simon Konecki in May 2019, the mother of Angelo (6 years old) could allegedly be following the Sirtfood Diet. This diet consists of focusing on plant foods such as dark chocolate, onions, kale, buckwheat and even red wine.

This diet promises quick weight loss results while still maintaining muscle mass and preventing chronic diseases, as media sources have stated. Nevertheless, you need to beware of the ‘yoyo’ effect with this type of diet and the pressures of having an ‘ideal body type’ that is thrust upon women. However, Adele seems delighted with her transformation, and hopefully, that means she’ll be back in the recording studio soon!

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Completely Transformed Adele Worries Fans After A Dramatic Weight Loss Completely Transformed Adele Worries Fans After A Dramatic Weight Loss