I’m A Celeb’s Carol Vorderman’s ‘controversial’ love life revealed, here’s who she’s dating

Carol Vorderman took part in I’m A Celeb South Africa this year after doing it for the first time in 2016. Here’s a look into her love life, relationships and more!

I’m A Celeb’s Carol Vorderman’s ‘controversial’ love life revealed, here’s who she’s dating
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I’m A Celeb’s Carol Vorderman’s ‘controversial’ love life revealed, here’s who she’s dating

The 62-year-old TV personality shows no signs of slowing down in her career and has an ‘interesting’ love life that allows her to be free and independent. The star will make a return to Have I Got News For You later this month.

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Amidst her progressing career and progressive love life, here’s a look into I'm A Celeb's star personal life - from her past two marriages to her special ‘love’ arrangements as a 62-year-old woman.

Carol’s two marriages - Christopher Mather and Patrick King

Carol first got married at the young age of 24 years with Christopher Mather in 1985. However, she ended up splitting from the Navy officer after just 12 months of being together. The star later revealed her wedding was doomed from the start as she sang ‘It’s raining men’ at her wedding reception party. She said:

I got on the stage and I sang this [song] at my wedding and I was then dragged off by my husband and the marriage didn’t last long, so here we go, It’s Raining Men and you can understand his reasons.

Meanwhile, her second marriage lasted a decade with management consultant Patrick King. She has two children with him - Cameron, 26 and Katie, 32. The two got married in 1990 and split in 2000 - which Carol labelled as her ‘biggest regrets,’ reported MailOnline. She explained:

The divorce is a regret of mine and my mum thinks that we should have stayed together.

The star really wanted to get back with Patrick but she couldn’t. She added:

He’s now remarried so there’s no chance of us getting back together. 'Had my career not taken off like it did, Paddy and I probably wouldn’t have split up.

After her tragic experience with Patrick, Carol vowed to never get married again and she has stuck to it.

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Carol and her past relationships

The Countdown star continued to date despite not wanting to get married. After her split with Patrick, she found love in Des Kelly and shared a 6-year-long relationship with him before calling it quits in 2006.

Carol then went on to date Graham 'Duffy' Duff who was 14 years younger than her. They dated for four years and then took a break in 2015 before rekindling their romance again. However, it didn’t last very long.

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Carol and her ‘special’ love life arrangement

Carol Vorderman has announced that she never wants to live with a man again, so she has a special arrangement now. The star now has ‘special friends’ in her love life as she revealed her ‘system’. Reportedly, her system - which has been in place for over 10 years - includes her openly dating 5 men. She explained:

I'm having the best time. I've spoken about this once. I have a system which I've had for 10 years. They're called 'special friends'.
One's 11 years, one's seven years, you know everyone is single. It's a happy place. I hasten to add I'm not into one-night stands.

She added:

This whole assumption: 'Have you got a partner yet? Have you got a man?' Well, no actually I've got five.
I don't really want to marry again. I don't really want to live with a man again. Have to look after him all the time.

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