She gave up her muscular body to put on weight and her transformation is incredible

A career in bodybuilding requires a lot of hard work. This former female bodybuilder had enough of the dietary restrictions and work that the lifestyle necessitated. So she decided to give it up and now enjoys life to the fullest.

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The lifestyle of a bodybuilder is not for everyone. In 2015, former bodybuilder Jolene Jones lost about a stone and a half for her first competition. Subsequently, the 26-year-old from Montana decided to throw in the towel. When her coach asked her to lose more than 2 extra stone, Jolene preferred to give up the life.

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On Facebook, Jolene posted a before/after photo that quickly went viral. The young woman can be seen in a photo dating from 2015, while she was still a bodybuilder, compared with a recent photo. Jolene wrote on her Facebook post:

It's not a photo of a habitual physical transformation.

She made this statement because she put weight back onsince the abandonment of her seemingly unbearable bodybuilder career. The young woman todayfeels much more fulfilled.

About her previous career, Jolene wrote:

I was never satisfied and I constantly needed to improve myself.’

The former professional sportswoman believes that the pressure she was under before was not healthy and she today feels ‘at peace’ with her appearance. Her testimony has inspired thousands of internet users.

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring