This Girl Summed Up Her Weight Loss Journey In One Incredible Video

Losing weight is tough. Anyone who has brought themselves through such an endeavor can vouch for the literal sweat and tears that such a journey can bring. This incredible young woman shows how you can turn your weightloss journey into something that's a beautiful form of art as well as a personal passion.

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Weight loss is a difficult journey that lots of people struggle with every day, which only makes their incredible success stories even more impressive. In fact, some people have been known to lose almost half their body weight in just a few months!

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Whether it is to look like their idol, or because they have found photos of their former selves, everyone has their own motives for dropping the pounds.

This young woman by the name of Trinity June has created a video with clips from exactly two years apart of herself doing the exact same dance routine. However, in the first shot, she weighs 107kg (238lbs) and in the second only 69kg (154lbs)!

It's amazing to see the confidence that she gives off in both shots. Whilst weight loss is often a long and painful journey, this video exemplifies how you can get through it by turning it into something that you'll actually love and enjoy doing.

Check out the video above to see Trinity's amazing progress!

This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring This boy's incredible weight loss transformation is truly inspiring