Science reveals how exercise can improve your relationship

Going to the gym alone, or even with your partner has been proven to boost your attraction and improve your relationship.

Couple Hiking
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Couple Hiking

Everyone knows that there are countless health benefits to exercise, but as it turns out getting your heart rate up can also provide benefits in the love department.

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Makes you attractive to each other

Studies have shown that experiencing adrenaline with your partner can increase their attractiveness to you. This is called misattribution of arousal where adrenaline or excitement can be confused in the brain as sexual arousal. Adrenaline can be experienced when exercising or participating in novel activities. Couples who did these activities together reported heightened levels of relationship satisfaction, which means maybe skydiving shouldn't be off the cards for your next holiday.

Even those who are single can benefit from the advantages of exercising. Not only does exercise help to make you slimmer, more toned and muscly, but it can also heighten your attraction to other people. A study conducted by Kristin McKinney showed that misattribution of arousal also resulted in people generally being more attracted to members of the opposite sex. So if you're your not enjoying what Tinder has to offer, maybe go for a run and try again after!

Makes you work out harder

Gym sessions with a partner also tend to last a little longer. Whether due to competitiveness or accountability exercise with a companion will help you stay dedicated to the gym. This dedication, in turn, results in a heightened release of hormonessuch as endorphins and endocannabinoids that stimulate the pleasure centres in your brain and increases the chances of positive social interactions.

It's not only couples who reap these benefits. Exercising in a group can also strengthen bonds between peers. This is due to the synchrony created by sharing the same movements and activities. So if you want to generate a stronger friend group going on a hike or participating in a fun run could actually bring you closer together.

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